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American Pie 1999

Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night...

Release Date:
July 9, 1999
95 min
Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz
Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Klein, ...
Comedy, Romance

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Imdb rating: 7

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i am surprised those idiots in hollywood didn't spin off the stifler character into its own series or at least one movie of him and his zany antics.
Rated R for edited sex scenes, realistic high school language and sexual dialogue, realistic high school beer drinking, and Shannon Elizabeth

( . ) ( . ) (really big ones)

I saw this movie with my little brother, mother, and my mom's friend, and there were definitely many uncomfortable moments in it. Then it came on television, and much uncomfortable content was deleted. It was then that I realized how essential the dirty material was and how good the "bad" content was for the movie. It is R, so I really expected a lot of it, and if I saw this with friends or alone, I would have been perfectly comfortable with it. I am alone writing this review, to assure that I put down my true feelings and not be persuaded by the others who have seen it.

Anyway, the plot is basically some high school guys want to have sex by the end of high school, and they want to do it on prom night. The movie starts a few weeks before prom, and I am enlightened by the reminder of what Hollywood perceives high school life to be. As I said in the rating explanation, much of the content is realistic. I am not really sure about the sex, though, since I've never seen sex at my school (I don't go to the top floor of the school often), but I have heard much. And the movie puts the words I've heard to action. I like and relate to the protagonist, Jim, who is in the pact to lose virginity by senior prom (technically the end of high school). I'm waiting for the girl like Nadia to come along and drag me into the fun. The adventures of Jim are always funny, especially when they involve his father, who fits the stereotype of a boy's father perfectly. The Nadia event is quite good, and probably contains the most risqu
More old reviews from my website. This review is one of my earlier ones and it's not that good, but fuck it... I'm posting it anyway.


If you're a guy, most likely you weren't thinking with your brain during those years in high school when you were ruled primarily by your hormones and all you could think of was getting laid. I know I was.

Well, I'm a little older and wiser... okay, older at least... so I can reminisce about those turbulent years when "Mr. Happy" basically told me what to do twenty-four/seven, and I can appreciate the simple genius behind the outrageously sick, but hilariously funny American Pie... the quest to get a piece... uh... of the pie... so to speak.

Following in the same comic road as Porky's and other teenage sex comedies, American Pie follows four friends who make a secret pact to loose their virginity before graduation. Of course, this being a comedy, all sorts of hilarious predicaments follow - my pick as my favorite is a strip tease on the internet - that basically humiliate them and makes the audience roll in the aisle.

Political correctness? It ain't no where to be seen in this flick and I didn't miss it. There's sick gags about drinking bodily discharges, lots of basic potty humor, and frank talk about teen sex that seems to capture (and infinity embellish, of course) the turbulent high school sex-crazy years.
Aside from being shamelessly funny, American Pie also has some great writing, character growth, and an honest-to-god message that sex isn't the most important thing in life.

Why didn't this movie come out when I was in high school!? I could have really used that information!
Of the recent spat of teenage gross-out comedies, none has achieved the cult status of the Weitz brothers' 1999 film American Pie. Yet to my eyes, it is not worthy of its reputation as a modern comedy classic, and is far too uneven in its distribution of laughs to merit recommendation. While the movie is certainly dependent on low-brow, bathroom humour for its effect, it forgets that it is not the crude subject matter that makes a sequence funny, but how the crudeness is utilized. Certain scenes in films like There's Something About Mary or Dumb & Dumber rival American Pie for grossness, but they are infinitely funnier because the gags are merely based on bodily functions, not solely concentrated on them. In many ways, American Pie fails as a comedy because it is not daring or crude enough. Just when it should be abandoning any inhibitions, it retreats to safe formulas involving the coming-of-age of four basically decent teenagers. The plot of the film concerns those four teenagers and their efforts to lose their virginity before they graduate from high school. One would expect a comedy based on the lies and desperate measures of the teenagers, but instead the movie is basically a sweet romantic picture with dashes of bathroom humour sprinkled in to convince us we are watching a hilarious comedy. There are certainly some elements in the film that generate laughs, including Eugene Levy as the father of one of the teenagers, a man who consistently discovers his son in compromising situations and then does his best to act like nothing happened. And of the teenaged actors, Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thomas manage to display great comic timing and wit. Unfortunately, most of the other actors are rather bland and forgettable, with the exception of Alyson Hannigan in a scene-stealing performance as a nerdy girl who is not quite what she appears. The Weitz brothers demonstrated that they were adept at comedy with their later film About a Boy, but they do not succeed in generating as many laughs with what should be a more ribald, daring comedy. American Pie may generate some nostalgia for high school, and it is mercifully lacking the nasty tone that has emerged in many similar teen comedies. Yet it also lacks something far more important to a comedy: laughs. It may have succeeded in reviving its genre, but it failed to consistently bring a smile to this viewer's face.

The Alamo

This film reminds me of a passage from McKee's Screenwriting book in which he says, paraphrased, "actable dialog, some nice moments now and then, and fine descriptions but frankly the story sucks. Exposition driven scenes, unrelated soft tensions that could become interesting subplots don't come together, a plot the snags and hangs limp through much of the narrative ect." That's basically how I feel about the Alamo; every now and then there was a nice moment, mostly surrounding Thornton's Crockett, but the story sucks. Everything has is limp and tension free energy that kills anything the movie was doing, and I was bored out of my mind through most it. I can't believe an Alamo movie bored me; what a crushing disappointment this was. The main problem I think is the film tried to cram to much stuff into the story, and ended up with a very dissociated screenplay.

Blah, just blah.

Again, a 0=F, not worthless.

American pies films.

I don't find the kids (Jim, Stifler ect) all that funny; maybe a chuckle now and then, but that's about it; through that might be because I can't really relate to the "party" scene that most of the first two films exist in. I also find Stifler annoying as hell; more so in the first two then the third. I do however find the films kinda romantic, and Eugene Levy can still crack me up big time. That's why I like the third film the best; it has less kids, and more Levy (with the great Willard added, which helps a lot too).

Also, Jim's pratfalls are always golden.


My single biggest problem with this film is the, pardon the pun, the hellishly anti-climatical last five minutes. It feels like it's from an entirely different movie. I like how Lovecraftian the film is. That's the best part I think; the creepy atmosphere twisted visuals, and wacky characters all make the film better than its clich
Wednesday night:

Smallville had an appearance by Christopher Reeve. The episode still sucked. This series has managed to take a half a step in plot over three seasons. No fuck that... its gone no where. every week i am left with a 5 minute scene of clark and lana being a bunch of pussies to some depressing song the producers found! just scrump already! i vote to cancel Smallville!:down:

Smallville is Bantha Fodder


Angel was awesome. 5 out of 5 stars. 10 out of 10 tomatoes:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: . In the last few minutes, the show began its climb towards the peak. Only 5 episodes left with spoilers leaking that this finale will blow away every fans mind with so many shocks and twists....:eek:

Entertainment Weekly rates Angel: B

read this shit cuz i took the time to type it up!

Lindsey: That's what i like to see... the Angel of yore. Takes no prisoners, suffers no fools. How about this... its here. It's been here all along... underneath. You're just too damn stupid to see it.

Angel: See what?

Lindsey: The Apocolypse, man, your soaking in it.

Spike: I've seen an apocolypse or two in my time, I'd know if one was under my nose.

Lindsey: Not an apocolypse. THE Apocolypse. What? Whatdju think a gong was gonna sound, time to jump on your horses and fight the big fight. The starting pistol went off along time ago boys, your playing for the bad guys. Everyday, you sit behind your desk and learn a little bit more how to accept the world the way it is. Well here's the rub... heroes don't do that Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it.

Angel: You're saying everything that we do.... it's a distraction? Keep us busy from looking under the surface.

Lindsey: >Ding< We have a winner. World keeps sliding towards entropy and degredation and what do you do? You sit in your big chair and you sign your checks just like the Senior Partners planned. The war is here Angel.... and you're already two soldiers down.

oh shit tell me THAT isn't some foreshadowing! These next 5 episodes are going to be unbelievable! I urge you to watch... I mean... we are talking about a show that is getting publicity out the ass right now. Would it be getting such rave reviews if it wasn't damn YUMMY!? Watch ANGEL and support quality television these next few weeks!

And as far as spoilers.... You'll just have to check the inviso-text here

Kill Bill volume 2 was amazing. i wish i knew words that could express how i feel about the movie. astounded? enthrawlled? bewildered? whatever i say, i mean it. I would give this movie an 11 if I could. David Carradine was great as Bill, his performance while making the perfect sandwich was seamless, and learning the brides name was a nice treat. The buried alive scene was reminscent of buffy, i found myself punching walls at tj maxx the whole next day. pei mai was hilarious. I also enjoyed the long credit sequence with Uma driving, the shots looked like pictures. Can't wait to see it again.

the soundtrack also kicks unbelievable amounts of ass.

american wedding: sucked. 5 stars for boobies and the fact that i couldn't see the boom mic. the people that wrote the script must have just finished high school.:rotten: Sean William Scott was horrible in this movie. Rick James should bitch slap him for his performance.

more reviews coming soon. first i want to soak in the creative juices i've been wadding in all weekend. oh snap!
One of my Favorite movies of all time.



In American Pie, Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin swear that they will lose their virginity by prom night, so that means they have to um u know. The reason why: the nerdiest guy in the school has just done it, so, brought by jealousy, the 4 some must lose their virginity by prom night (like I said before).

American Pie is not funny and isn't even close to being the 1 comedy hit. I don't think so, the film only concentrates on 1 subject, sex. Line after lin the characters don't care about love, freedom, fame etc they only care about SEX!!!! It's embarssing the way they let the characters act in this movie, I think it should be illegal to even bother with such embarrasment.

The only funny character is hands down Stifler, the most idiotic guy I have ever seen in any movie. The only reason I would sit through AM2 and AW, it would be because of Stifler. Everybody else (not including Michelle, another funny character) is just downright unfunny and unconvincing.

I wouldn't even dare f**** a pie, its gross, anyways, the film was made in the wrong oven.

American Pie is Rated U.S.A. R CANADA 14A for Coarse Language, Nudity and sexuality and would ok for kids 14 and up
One of the better gross-out comedys there is. Its all because of Sean William Scott who plays Stifler. A hilarious and memorable character.

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