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American Gangster 2007

In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country from the Far East...

Release Date:
November 1, 2007, UTC
157 min
Ridley Scott
Enrique Sebastian Rivas, Louis Rosario, Luis Salgado, ...
Drama, Crime, Biography ...

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Imdb rating:7.8

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it showed me everything I needed to see to understand the story, but it didn't make me feel anything.
American Gangster
RT Rating: 79%


What's Your In For
American Gangster" concerns Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Washington), who smuggled heroin in the body bags of U.S. soldiers slain in Vietnam. Brolin plays Det. Trupo, a crooked NYPD cop who piggybacks on the Lucas investigation conducted by Det. Ritchie Roberts (Crowe).

The Reel Deal
It's been almost a full year since the fantastic, The Departed, and we were all in a need of a great crima drama. Even for I, who doesn't fancy the drama was dieing for it. The last one I saw was Serpico in LAW class, and that didn't wet my appitite enough. I won't lie, I hadn't fully been anticipating this film mainly because I don't love the leads. Russel Crowe and Denzel are fantastic actors, but they don't provide me with much substance. Clearly they heard my thoughts, and just bitch slapped me agiasnt the wall. These men are fantastic in this film. The amount of charisma and passion they had for playing the character bleeds through the screen.

Even though its Denzel playing Denzel, as he always does he does it to his best here and will probably get a nomination. Russel Crowe is in a scene steeling role, even though he is a main character he sometimes get's over shadowed by Denzel. There are moments though, some scenes of Crowe's that last you more than Denzel's, in a good way though. Agian, both leads are fantastic. Actually the whole cast is fantastic, even new commer rapper T.I who I admit, I like his stuff, is really charming in his supporting role. Carla Cugino, who has, what, gone in hiding? Is fantastic in her supporting role as well.. The film's plot and characters are greatly developed, espically the plot which works is way through the whole 2 and half hours you are in the theatre's. Even with its long running time, the film actually doesn't have a moment of boredom, at least i felt. It's a dialogue filled film which you know I love, especially when done well. It's shot very well, except I was confused.

One scene its snowing and there are leaves on the tree's, im just saying. The plot is very well worked, until the ending which does admitlly feel kind of rushed even though it's a great ending. The film is very true to, New York, New Jersey during the time of the late 60's, early 70's. My favourite quote in the film has to be, "get ride of all the cocaine in the city and 100,000 people loose their jobs". The film is just, so relevant to the corpution in the force. I'm certain it's not as bad as this time period, but the paying off, the hush hush that's done is all to relevant. The way the plot thickens is very entertaining to watch. I haven't seen The Departed in a while, since its release on DVD but I feel this is superior to that by a bit, I think just because of accomplishing becing a almost 3 hour talky crime drama, and being so entertaining is a deserving of anything. The film is just spectacular, really enjoyed it and surprised by that.
While it was a fantastic movie and I pretty much love drug culture and movies about it, I think that it was a tad too long. It's not the kind of movie I could probably watch again, but I'm glad I saw it the once. Denzel Washington was so convincing as Frank Lucas. Incredible. And the soundtrack is interesting and worth investigating, I think.

Ridley Scott is too concerned with simultaneously capturing a certain feel for the era he's setting his film in, and for the genre he's borrowing from and homaging too, that the film never really comes together or flows as whole, but instead, feels like a series of vignettes whose sole purpose is to cover the most crucial plot points. Indeed, it's why his characters (especially Denzel's Frank Lucas) feel more like cardboard cut-outs than living, breathing humans. Scott uses several opportunities to just focus the camera in on Washington's face and let the actor dramatically profuse some high-bravado gangster wise-talk (the whole "This is my home, my country" speech, among others). Beyond what the character of Frank Lucas stands for, Scott is not interested in further exploring. It's like the script was being filmed, but all the substance was left in the editing room.

What moral ambiguity between the two leading characters is established is just thrown away through fortune-cookie philosophy and easy conclusiveness. Scott initially downplays their similarities and heightens their differences, only two do a little switcharoo in the film's climax where we figure out that the two aren't so different after all. As for the rest of the film, it's pedestrian, conventional, derivative, and rather unengaging. Cinematography aiming for a sense of realism only goes a long way, and here, the dark lighting and grittiness just make things hard to see and unpleasant to look at. Naturally, both Denzel and Crowe are good, but only to the extent of their character's developments (or lack thereof). It isn't the absolute worst way to pass 150 minutes, but overall, American Gangster just isn't wholly satisfying.
American Gangster is the movie We Own the Night wanted to be. It has a similar premise involving both sides of the law in regard to drug dealings and such. Both feature big stars, violence, and sex. But American Gangster succeeds where We Own the Night failed, and it's not very hard to see why (also, I use antlers in all of my decorating).

For a movie with a beefy running time (about 2 hours, 40 minutes in this case) to be great, it has to have two things, or at least one to an incredible degree:
1. An intriguing plot that manages to excite and be interesting throughout the whole course of the movie-no fizzling out or having lulls with unnecessary scenes.
2. Worthy actors playing good characters, and doing it well.

American Gangster has both in spades. The plot, despite its familiar basis of a cop trying to bust a drug ring, manages to be fresh and exciting, and it's not predictable in the least. Every choice made by Ridley Scott seems completely deliberate, and each scene seems to be included for a reason, whether to move the plot along or to further establish the great characters.

Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, two of the best actors working today, have really gone the distance with the great material provided for them. I loved seeing Denzel show his darker side (no, that wasn't racist), and Crowe continues to have "a good year" (man, I'm so funny), adding another fantastic performance to go along with 3:10 to Yuma. The supporting cast, comprised mostly of people I didn't recognize, are all fine, too, but it's clear who the stars are.

This movie works. That's all there is to it.

And on a side note: I recommend reading the poem Eloise to Abelardi, which was written by Alexander Pope. It's the poem Eternal Sunshine gets its name from, and though it's a bit hard to understand, it's a beautifully written piece well worth ten minutes or so of your time.
Denzel Washington plays Frank Lucas one of the most notorious gangsters of the 70's. Russell Crowe plays Richie Roberts the cop whose trying to convict Mr. Lucas. The movie starts out a tad bit slow for about 30 minutes but after that the movie is just great from there on out. Everybody in the movie does a great job in big and small performances. Josh Brolin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, RZA, Common, and even T.I. all do great in there parts some big some small. Ridley Scott knew exactly what he wanted when making this film. It's basically two different stories, one being about Lucas and one being about Roberts, that come together in the end. Overall this is right up there with all the old gangster flicks and I feel its better than some. It might not be The Godfather but it sure is one hell of a movie.

American Gangster

This is an interesting movie. Anytime a movie is longer than 2 hours and I don't get bored you know it's good. Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are perfect in their roles.
I've seen some reviews about how Scott stole, copied, borrowed, etc, etc from other gangster films. What are these guys talking about? I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and saw organized crime life firsthand, though I admit that perhaps "The Godfather" was the first movie to authentically portray the gritty reality of organized crime, it itself had hints of past gangster films. Why? Because there isn't many levels to this type of life. I mean, what new element can there be? Besides this was a true story!

This was an excellent film. It should be held up as strong as, if not better then, a lot of other gangster films.

I give it :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh:
RATING (0 to ****): **1/2

Save for a brief-but-extremely-nauseating shakycam chase, Ridley Scott's "American Gangster" is never an awful film. With subject matter and actors like Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, however, it should have been more interesting; as it stands, it's a run-of-the-mill true story which is sometimes as entertaining as reality... as in not. My rule with true stories and biopics is that if I find that reading a short article on the real events is more fascinating than spending 2-and-a-half hours watching a movie about it, then the movie didn't succeed. No performance or segment of "American Gangster" was memorable enough to devote a full review for.

MPAA: R (violence, pervasive drug content and language, nudity and sexuality)
Runtime: 2 hours, 37 minutes (148 minutes of "real movie")
Okay guys and gals. This my first journal post here. I've been on this site for a while and decided to make a name for the forums and reviews and saw the journal option and decided to give it a try. I guess this is my intro entry as i'll tell you about myself. I am a very big film fan as well as television and music. I have a big love for cars as well. But film usually takes the front and I can't get enough of films and film news. I try to get to the movies a lot and this year I have and i'm happy i've seen most the movies I wanted too. Last Night I saw American Gangster. WoW! Denzel and Crowe put amazing performances out and this movie is one of the best of the year and the both of their careers. This movie has a great story and some of the best dialouge in a movie in a long time. I highly recomend everyone to see this movie as it is highly enjoyable to watch and even though you need to know that this is not an action movie the action in it is real good and the story itself is amazing so if anyone was upset with We Own The Night saying that there was no action and the movie was boring this is the way a drama with a some action was supposed to be done. The next movie that is on my list to see is in two and a half weeks with Hitman. Love the game and the movie looks awesome. Well thats all for now i'll be back in a day or two to give my reaction to the NFL weekend, the newest Heroes episode and a review of the newest Cassidy, Jay-Z and Chris Brown albums on tuesday night.
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