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American Beauty 1999

A sexually frustrated suburban father has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter's best friend...

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Definitely among the best things I have ever seen. Superb! So many layers and so many thoughts still hidden. Kevin Spacey gets a honourable mention on this one.
"What do YOU want?" Good question.
There are tons of hidden meanings to absorb from this movie, that makes me want to understand more and think through things like the change of each character, their control, denial, the way they see life through beauty, materialism and gratefulness.

Great movie,
except few things felt missing + the way Ricky looked at Lester in the end. 9/10

ikr. i love this movie so much. im getting ready to watch it for about the 10th time with a friend of mine. 12/10..would bang
What a beautiful movie...10/10
Everything about this movie is gorgeous.The first time I saw it, I thought it was interesting enough, but the second time I saw nothing BUT beauty. I can't describe how amazing this movie is.. it flows perfectly, the actors are perfect, the characters are perfect (because they are imperfect.) I can't recommend this movie enough.
be forever with my poison arms around you.
What happy lyrics. I'm convinced that Angeles by Eilliot Smith has the best beginning of any song in existence. Too bad it's such a short song. I wish I could play it on the guitar.The start of 2.45 AM reminds me of a New Amsterdams song. I wonder if people are actually using this as a journal yet or if they're all just laughing at me because I am not. Surely anyone must believe this is the most interesting thing to ever stumble upon. EVER.
This is perhaps the best invention of the year. I hope I'll keep this thing up so I can ramble whenever I please. I love his posture in that picture. He's so enamored with her. He was obviously not in love, definitely in lust. It wasn't just that though, he seemed in awe and she was on a pedestal, or something. So it wasn't creepy (not as much) as it was in the very beginning. Enough ramblings on for tonight.
Just watched this movie again for about the 10th time since I first saw it in the theatre.

Will probably give a more detailed review later, I'm sure just about everyone has seen this at least once.

I did notice some portions of it dragging repeatedly this viewing -- while I liked the time and care put into character development, it leaves a little to be desired as it wraps up, and you start to feel antsy in your chair.

The acting is excellent, and the pacing is temperate.

My review and short and vague because I feel that way today - but I am going to devote some time to this jounral in the future :)
The partying must end soon. I return to America on Monday, and I don't want to go back. Its been fun doing nothing productive. Got to see my friends, extented family (grudgingly), and spots I used to hang out. Anyway heres a list of more movies I've seen during the holidays.

Alex & Emma
Cradle To The Grave
T3: Rise of The Machines
Blazing Saddles

Saturday I might finally check out Evil Dead. Clap for me.
My favorite movie is American beauty. A lot of people don't understand that. It's a weird movie, there's no real storyline, the message in the movie is unclear and it's just boring. But I just don't care about these opinions. Normally I do., but with this movie I just don't listen to them.
Why? Because this is the only movie that makes me feel like I understand this tiny miserable life we lead. And I truely believe that some things that happen in this movie will some day happen to me. I know some day I will have a midlifecrisis, just like Lester in this movie and I know that someday I will understand the reason why we are living on this planet. The music in the film is so beautyful, Kevin spacey acts incredibly good and the story is so real. This combination makes this movie perfect to me.
All this may sound very strange, because you know, I'm just a normal girl who watches Dawsons Creek and movies like Sleepless in Seattle and Moulin Rouge. And I really like to watch these movies. But American Beauty is different, and it always will be, no matter how many times I will watch it.
My favorite movies fall into two basic categories: those I fall in love with immediately on first viewing (Memento, Kill Bill) and those that I need to see two, even three times before I really come to love them. American Beauty definitely falls into this second category. Tonight marks the third time I've seen the movie, and each time it seems more and more brilliant. As you can see from my newly updated Top 10 Movies list, it seemed a lot more brilliant this time. Every aspect of the movie is perfect, from the performances to the screenplay to the lighting, editing, and music. Giving the Oscar to American Beauty was just about the only time in the past ten years or so when the Academy has gotten Best Picture right.

Kevin Spacey also won an Oscar for his performance as Lester Burnham. Lester is one of those characters that you will never forget no matter how many movies you see. His voiceovers at the beginning and end of the movie are, in my opinion, the best voiceovers in any movie, ever. Spacey is incredible, and Annette Bening (as his wife Carolyn) is equally astonishing. I haven't seen Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry, but she'd better be damn good to have gotten the Oscar instead of Bening, whose performance is both hysterically funny and heartbreaking. Then there's the supporting cast: Chris Cooper (as much as I love him in Adaptation, it's this role that should have won him an Oscar, and he wasn't even nominated), Mena Suvari (who gives what has to be the best performance by anyone who was ever in an American Pie movie), Thora Birch, and Wes Bentley are all phenomenal.

The screenplay by Alan Ball is what really makes the movie. The characters are incredibly well-drawn, and you feel for every single one of them. Most movies are lucky if they have even one character that you sympathize with. Ball also writes great dialogue- this movie has sooooo many quotable lines. (One of my favorites: Carolyn tells Lester he's setting a bad example for their daughter, and he replies "You're one to talk, you bloodless, money-grabbing freak.") The movie has a perfect balance of comedy and tragedy, and in the end, it isn't really a depressing film. Despite the fact that he's dead, Lester's final voiceover is hopeful and uplifting. And I love, love, LOVE the kicker at the end of the movie: Lester goes on about how much you appreciate life in the moment you die, then suddenly stops and says, "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? But don't worry..." " will someday."
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