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Historical, breathtaking and inspiring!! A wonderful film. Heart wrenching performances!! Highly recommend to one and all!! Cheers! :-)
Biographical film. Story of William Wilberforce as he pushes to abolish the slave trade in the British Empire spanning 1770's to 1807. Almost 2 hrs long, good one to watch during a rainy afternoon and learn a bit of history too.

)ouepla Awesome, Thankyou very much :=)

Crisply told and sincerely thesped, Amazing Grace is a workmanlike costumer that distills Blightys long battle for the abolition of slavery and the personalities behind landmark antislavery legislation into a tidy story of conscience and perseverance. The closing night preem at the Toronto fest, pic will go out Stateside Feb., 23, 2007, to mark the bicentennial of the passage of a key bill in the struggle. Biz will be decent but unspectacular, though ancillary could be fuelled by pics educational value.Pic reflects the no-nonsense storytelling skills of prolific helmer Michael Apted, whose career-long mix of feature and docu work holds him in good stead once more. Cast is uniformly fine, with Gruffudd setting the pace via a sincere and well-modulated perf and Hinds appropriately dastardly as the sneering Tarlton.Although Michael Apteds Amazing Grace is a beautifully chiseled blunt instrument. No, its not subtle, but how subtle was slavery? However, i'm very disappointing that so much talent has been assembled with so little to do.
A long time ago I went to a screnwriter workshop here in Miami where this screenwriter pitched this exact idea to a bunch of producers. Same title and everyting. I remeber all the details (her name was Milo) and I went to see the movie today, to see it finally on the screen so i could call and congrat her and her name is not anywhere on the creds. Sad to hear it. Movie was prety good though.
An Amazing movie... excellent actors... great history... every high school student should see it. Don't miss it!
The story was beautiful, the acting was great, the cinematography was awesome.This is a movie that touches your spirit in a very positive way.I saw it once and intend to see it again on the big screen and then buy the DVD when it is available.
You don't see that very often these days.I nearly cried during the last scene and I am a tough sell when it comes to tearing up. I thought the movie was extremely well-done and told the story of the quiet bravery of those who do battle in peaceful ways, through political means.Comparable to, but much better than, Amistad.
A thoughtful,intelligent
This is truely a MUST SEE movie. Where is Oprah Windfrey and the other Afro-American leaders? They should be standing up and cheering this movie.
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