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Amadeus 1984

The incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told by his peer and secret rival Antonio Salieri - now confined to an insane asylum...

Release Date:
April 5, 1985
160 min
Milos Forman
Cassie Stuart, Cynthia Nixon, Kenny Baker, ...
Drama, Biography, Music ...
English, Latin, German,

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 8.4

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Totally forgot about this old one! Such a great movie and a good way to tell the story. It's in HD too!

Some people may not enjoy this, but I'd say, to anyone, "Give it a try, what's the worst that could happen?"
I love Mozart's laugh...kind of like a more dignified Spongebob :p
A masterpiece. Milos Forman was one of the best directors alive right now. To bad he doesn't do many films.

I've seen Amadeus five times. Two times in cinema, two on VHS and now, once on DVD. (which I got from Hungary for $10, natch).

I'm stilled astonished.

If I made a list of my favorite directors (which, considering the list-loving RT members, I surely will make at some point in time), Milos Forman would figure in the top 10, perhaps even in the top 5. How he manages to incorporate so many themes, into one so moving and magnificent film, while still remaining consistent and powerful is beyond me. Well, Peter Schaeffer, the playwright and screenwriter should also be credited, but nevertheless, issues of God, mediocrity, and love for music, all are explored in this nearly three hour-long movie. And music, the beautiful, beautiful music. Even though, ironically, the most moving scene, which plays out with Requiem's Lacrimosa which isn't even written by Mozart, the music everywhere else fills the movie with the same kind of genius, that is portraied by Tom Hulce's Mozart.

Also, like in any great DVD, watching the commentary makes the movie oh-so-much more wonderful. Having a father who has won the top prize of Estonian Association of Music Critics twice helps also.

I loved the performances by Hulce and Abraham, as well as the costume designs and score (if there was one, I couldn't tell if it was composed or if the film just had the original pieces by Mozart in there, not messed with at all!), but it's nowhere near a masterpiece. Maybe something just didn't tick, but I don't know.

Out of ****, Amadeus gets ***.

Amadeus is a hilarious fictional account of the brilliant composer, filled with superb performances, beautiful art direction, stunning cinematography, and deft direction.

Full Review on Saturday
We humans are a petty is not enough that we succeed, others must fail as well. Milos Forman's Amadeus is not only a biography of the great composer Mozart, it is also a poignant drama about how we tend to resent genius when we are in its presence. The central character in the film is not Mozart, but Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), who was a successful composer in his day, but was cursed with the musical sense to recognize that his own creations were immensely inferior to the less-popular Mozart (Tom Hulce). Amadeus is told through Salieri's point-of-view: as an old man, Salieri recalls his interactions with Mozart, and remembers that he was an arrogant and precocious young man. So many biopics of great historical figures treat them with reverie and too much respect...they forget that geniuses are human too, and that in many cases they are more flawed in character than the average person. It is the duality of Mozart's character, and the resentment of Salieri, that makes Amadeus so compelling: just as we are beginning to share Salieri's dislike for the young man, he plays one of his sonatas, and all is forgiven. Above all, Amadeus is a great entertainment: Forman avoids the stately and courteous style that smothers so many "costume dramas", and he manages to make the characters seem modern and fresh without compromising historical believability. As would be expected, one of the true joys of Amadeus is its music, for instead of recycling some of the most familiar Mozart tunes, Forman treats us to some of his lesser known operas. The actors are all superb: Hulce suggests the playful giddiness of Mozart while not denying his immense gifts, and Jeffrey Jones brings humour to the role of the musically-inept Emperor Joseph II. Only Elizabeth Berridge seems slightly out of place as Mozart's wife Constanze...her performance is a bit too modern to be believed. The true heart of the film is Salieri, and F. Murray Abraham brings depth and poignancy to the character. Watching Amadeus, we tend to identify with Salieri: Mozart's genius is so unimaginable, we are forced to admit that we might have resented him if he constantly upstaged us. Forman has crafted a brilliant film: it is witty, constantly entertaining and quite emotionally moving. Amadeus pays tribute to a genius while also serving as a lamentation for those of us mortals who are not fortunate enough to be blessed with Mozart's gifts.

I love this movie to death! I have seen it about seven times and I know certain parts by heart and still, I am ready to see it seven more times with the same eagerness and excitement! Everything about this movie is ingenious, brilliant! It talks to you in so many ways, it attacks your emotions visually and aurally and the whole movie keeps you at an emotional peak! Tomas Hulce will leave you breathless! I cannot imagine anyone more proper for the role of Mozart! For two hours he will hold you in his hands and make you laugh and cry with him...oh, he is so good! The same for F. Murray Abraham...It is just an incredible, excceptional movie!!!
-Ok, so this film is a period peice about the life and times of Mozart. ZZZZZZzzzzz.
Well in this case there is actually good news. This isn't your average historical yawn-athon
such as what you might find on late-night PBS or in movies like "A Man for All Seasons",
"The Lion in Winter", or "The Madness of King George", nope, this movie is not only darn
good, its entertaining as well if you give it a chance.

-This movie portrays Mozart as something analagous to a circa 1983 rockstar (possibly David Bowie or Prince). Ok, so Ziggy, er Mozart is a child prodigy, with an overly demanding father (all rockstars must have one), who has severe transvestic tendencies, wears pancake makeup and knows how to party and get his groove on with the best of them. Much like Jim Morrison, Mozart spends him time seamlessly shifting between composing full-on rocking magnum opus after magnum opus and driking like a fish (you gotta drink if you's gonna be a star).

-Ok, so Dude Mozart is busy living the life and generally ticking off his old man; all is well. Or so it would seem. The evil Bryan Adams...err Salieri (Dude Mozart's opening act) seeks to destory all that is
good in the music world. Haunted by his own mediocrity and an uncaring God, Saleri is transformed
into one hardcore dude bent on destruction. The interplay between these two righteous characters makes
for some fantastic cinema.

Final Thoughts: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the soundtrack is killer! Even if they did cover the theme to
Maxell commercial.
4 Sec. Review: Father exploits superstar son, son develops a complex and writes some great music along
the way. Pretty standard tabloid fare actually.
Uln's Review: 4/4 (in common time)
Amadeus is, technically, not a musical. But given that the theme of the film is on musicians, inevitably music plays a hage part in the film. A compelling film about mediocrity in the face of genius, about envy, and about one man's vindictiveness against the genius he so desires and resents. Tom Hulce as Mozart and Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri are superb in their performances. The cinematography is solid and the stage scenes well done. Music is of course a big part of the film, and when it has its origins from Mozart, how can it not be good?

Of course, some of the stage opera scenes can be a tad dull if you, like me has never liked musicals. And while it may be a masterpiece in 1984, its showing its age 20 years on. Still, with compelling performances, a riveting script, and a nuanced performance, give me Amadeus over Chicago or Moulin Rouge anytime. An Oscar sweeping film at its time, Amadeus is a solid, engaging film. While it may not be the crowdpleasing mainstream film like Titanic its still cinematic gold.
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