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All About the Benjamins 2002

A bounty hunter is on the trail of a conman who skipped bail. The two wind up in a deserted warehouse where they witness a diamond scam in action, caught in the midst they put their...

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A pretty good Action/Comedy. Starring Ice cube and Mike Epps who both starred in Next Friday and Friday after Next.

Starring: Ice Cube, Mike Epps, and Eva Mendes.

Genre: Action, Comedy

Tagline: Money can make people do funny things

Plot: A Bounty Hunter who is after a Conman, teams up with the Conman to track down a lottery ticket. They witnessed a diamond scam in progress. So, they decide to capture the Looters.

Mike Epps' next movie: The Honeymooners(2005). A comedy based on the old TV Series. Starring Cedric the Entertainer, Mike Epps, and John Leguizamo. Coming to theater's between 2005 and 2006.

I'll give All about the Benjamins a 9/10:fresh:

All About the Benjamins (2002) - "See? You know, you're tryin' to be funny. That's like askin' me to stick my tongue in Oprah Winfrey's ass." - Reggie

Ice Cube (Bounty Hunter Bucum Jackson) and Mike Epps (bail jumping con-man) join forces to track down a few ultra-nasty bad guys. At stake is 20 million in diamonds and a 60 million dollar lottery ticket. Although the acting is ghastly, the story is interesting enough and some of the lines are pretty funny. I'll admit it. I think Ice Cube is pretty cool. I think it would be fun to have him for a friend.
had its funny moments
Is it a comedy? An action movie? A thriller? A crime story? A stupid movie? All the above. The poor direction has the film going in all different directions and it never grows up to figure out what it wants to be. Interest is lost early on in the film.
a guilty pleasure of mine and 1 that i know wont be liked by most. mike epps is funny as hell and makes this movie worth watching. not a classic but a good mix of action and comedy.
Ice Cube and Mike Epps have a good chemistry here and are able to keep this over-cliched plot above water. That said, while a few jokes are funny, 4/5 of them miss and the action scenes aren't very engaging. This movies biggest problem is that it's too violent to be a comedy and too silly to be an action film. It can't decide between the two genres, so it ends up just being awkward.
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