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Alien 1979

The commercial vessel Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. After searching for survivors, the crew heads home only to realize that a deadly bioform has joined them...

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@gajeel32 - as Prometheus is a prequel (in essence) to the Aliens story, I'm looking to get my fix of the Aliens atmosphere from the next two installments of that series.
Craving some new Aliens stuff as well.
If this movie were made would STILL kick @$$.
Masterful suspense! 9/10
A classic that never ages. Great effects, good acting and the best of the Aliens series.
This and predator only two movies i can say i've done watched Ten or more times words need not be said about either just Perfection. With hollywood running outta new ideas and remaking/rebooting any and all classics for better or worst.. usually the latter i wonder how long before alien joins the ranks of other great horror films that been re done like friday the 13th, halloween, the thing, predator.. although predators was more of a reimagined sequel but you get my point here. Be nice to see a new alien movie just not a remake of this masterpiece or another AVP
Ah, good old classics. When watching it, keep on the look out for the hockey gloves as part of the biohazard suit when they go down to check out them alien eggs. LOL.
@chronictrgger I completely a agree with what you and @SichuanPanda are saying, but one thing I want to say, to be fair to JJ Abrams, he never really made a name for himself in the sci-fi genre until recently. I mean, he was a TV producer who got his start with Felicity and Alias lol, then he really went big when his LOST show became a big hit, and to me, Lost is very pseudo scifi.
Anyway, my point is that when he made the last 2 Star Trek movies, while not quite the ethical and philosophical pieces of old, I felt they were quite good and he really proved himself as being able to handle sci fi. That alone must've been a risk for the studios to take on him. Thus, I am ok with him directing SciFi.
Now, if you want to see a new scifi that is actually really really good that came out this year, that is not some sequel type driven movie but a stand alone scifi, check out Edge of Tomorrow. Probably one of the best scifi movies in the last 5 years, imo.
I definitely agree with you. So many sci-fi movies could be amazing if studios took the risks with people other than micheal bay and jj abhrams
The reason we don't see films like this is because studios don't take risks on unknown directors - which Scott was at the time of Alien being made.
I've seen a lot of B sci-fi in recent years which falls much closer into the fold than the mainstream stuff, but their low budget means poor actors, and poor special effects. No matter how good an atmosphere or story or setting a film has if the effects and acting don't match, its terrible.
Its a shame really the greed of the studios probably prevents 20 or so amazing films each year from even existing.
alien the one that started all
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