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Ali 2001

A biography of sports legend, Muhammad Ali, from his early days to his days in the ring...

Release Date:
December 25, 2001
157 min
Michael Mann
Ron O.J. Parson, Christian Stolte, Laurence Mason, ...
Drama, Biography, Sport ...

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Imdb rating: 6.7

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and its in the ali section just sayin. kinda a dissapointment. since amvs is the best player.
long boring and too few fight scenes
Tonight I also watched Ali. This is a film I have been meaning to check out but never got around to it till now. The movie had me on the fence. Will Smith looked, sounded, and acted NOTHING like Muhammed Ali did. Though I give the movie probs for telling Ali's story, which was interesting. I liked Jamie Foxx and John Voit in this film a lot. Too bad both of them didn't really have a lot of screen time. The writing was a bit unclear in some sections, but the majority of it was good. Not what I was expecting, but it was enjoyable. A little bit too long though.

Not bad not bad.

i thought this was rather good . . . i thought Will Smith done well in this
This was supposed to be the fight that Muhammad Ali was ended. Supposed the myth that Muhammad was gonna fall! Supposed to be my destruction! Well, they miscalculated, they misjudged, they got it wrong! Muhammad Ali [Will Smith in Ali

I really liked this movie, but I think they picked the wrong fights. I would of loved to see the Ali v. Frazier III. But the movie was great and Will Smith put on tons of muscle for the role.
Ali: 6/10

I also watched the first ten minutes of this "Sly classic". Then I had a seizure due to Harlin's directing and nearly choked to death in my own vomit. So yeah, no rating for you Driven. Maybe someday?

Full review to come.
This is a solid film that at times is magnificent. The boxing sequences are shot well and are choreographed like actual matches, rather than the over the top fights you see sometimes in movies (*cough, cough* Rocky) - but the fights bookending the movie are overlong and can try your patience, along with most of the scenes surrounding these fights. The entire first hour of the film feels like an intro, as it seems to focus more on Malcolm X than the titular character.
It is the middle portion of the movie where everything comes together, when Ali is barred from fighting for some time due to his anti-war stance and refusal to be drafted. This is also when Will Smith's performance shines the most, switching between Ali's personal moments and charismatic public persona, the latter being why Smith was the perfect man for the role. In the end, the excellent parts of the film are bogged down somewhat by the mediocre sections, and you get the feeling that the movie was made too long.
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