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Alexander 2004

Alexander, the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders in the history of warfare, conquers much of the known world...

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thought i'd give it another try, almost 9 years later. Couldn't get through it, lol. Just plain awful all around.
This is one of my all time favorite movies in the world!! I could watch it over & over! Mel Gibson's Braveheart too! This DVD is in my treasured video collection and it's huge.
Boring movie.. and the battle scenes are very poorly shot..
Not half as good as I thought it would be or expected it to be. With actors like these you just expect more. I found it kind of boring at times- dull and long ( And I normally like long movies!). Also the dialogue wasn't great... I guess as other people have said, it doesn't even come in to the vicinity of Gladiator! With that I am not talking about the action sequences but the dialogue, and the love/empathy/anger/sorrow etc that that movie truly makes you feel and this doesn't in the least.
I was hoping for Gladiator but what I got was a soft-core Caligula.

I might have been able to stomach the racist imperialistic doctrine if there had been any kind of plot to hold my interest. I don't know which is worse: Colin Farrell's flouncing golden curls that could only make sense in an Aryan wet dream or listening to him expound the merits of bringing civilization to the "barbaric", in this case Persian, people. This movie reads like pro-war inculcation; superbly timed to launch as Bush prepares to invade Iran.

I'd be completely convinced of a Republican conspiracy if there weren't so much screen time devoted to hairless young men in eyeliner and loincloths. Each scene is packed with as many canned gestures of homoeroticism as possible and by the fifth time a misty-eyed Jared Leto casts a lustful downward glance, I predict that even gay men will be bored if not mildly offended.

If you want to see some good battle scenes, rent Gladiator and catch Alexander sometime on basic cable. It will make a nice rainy day double feature with Gigli.
I saw a sneak preview the other day before it comes out on the 24th of November. What strikes me as funny is the fact that the release date was originally for November 4th, but was pushed back to the 24th because they felt it had Oscar consideration. Sorry, but I don't think so. The movie did not concentrate much on Alexander's achievements, but rather on a cheap, corny story line and whether or not Alexander was bi-sexual. The film was long enough, but I left about 2.5 hours into it. There were many moments that were meant to be serious, but were broken by what the actors did. The audience was laughing at many of the serious parts. The dialogue was not creative and boring. They switched between using language that would have been more believeable to use back then and language of modern days - what we use now. The fight scenes seemed as if they were fight scenes from a History Channel special. It seemed as if sometimes the writers didn't know what to say so they added in scenes that were not necessary to the story line, such as dancing, focusing between Alexander and his "boyfriend" many times, and even showing Farrell's butt and a quick glimpse of his genitals. There was a lot of filler and "fluff." It was a soap opera with bad dialogue and acting. If you thought Troy was mediocre, then this is much worse.
Excrutiatingly, mind-numbingly dull. A complete mis-fire. Scenes meant to be seriously dramatic were laughed at by the audience. Most of the seminal events in Alexander's life take place off-screen, and are narrated by Anthony Hopkins as historian Ptolemy. Great cast cannot save this execrable script, or inept direction.
So-called controversy has clearly been "ginned up" to create interest in a movie which deserves none.
Movie wasn't terrible but it's no where what it should have been. People in the theatre made it a worse experience because they couldn't be mature about the sexual content. Whatever, rent this movie.
Movie Review: Alexander

Opening Wednesday November 24, and just in time for the holidays, is the highly controversial new Oliver Stone movie, "Alexander." "Alexander" has a star studded cast including Colin Farrell (Alexander), Angelina Jolie (Olympias), Anthony Hopkins (Ptolemy), and Val Kilmer (Philip). But this star loaded epic failed to show any power. In fact, "Alexander" reminded me of this summer's "The Village." Both movies had hype surrounding them, and both had big name directors and casts. And both movies were terrible, and the disappointments of their seasons.

First off, this movie is not an action movie as it appears to be. This may be the most long and drawn out drama/ biopic I have ever seen. The start of this movie is really slow. Not every movie has to have a James Bond like opening, but when Ptolemy (Hopkins) narrates for forty minutes, it gets old. There is too much non essential background, and it appeared as if there was a movie within a movie. The young Alexander trying and succeeding in riding the wild horse was like its own climax, and could have been its own movie. The movie runs very long, roughly two hours and forty minutes. In that time, there are only two battle scenes which combined last for less than twenty five minutes. In between the two battle scenes it just gets boring. There is way too much unnecessary drama. In all honesty, I think I could have edited over forty five minutes out of the movie. The last hour of the movie was terrible, except for the brief battle scene. I got so bored; that I was literally waiting for the final battle, and for Alexander to die.

Even though they were very short, the battle scenes were very good. They unfortunately were not enough to pull this movie out of the doldrums. The battles were very exciting, intense, and heart pounding. They were very violent and bloody, but realistically so. The only problem was that the camera was a bit too shaky. At certain points, it got a little hard to follow along with what was happening. The special effects and computer graphics were really good as well. The only 'effect" that I did not like was the red tinted ending. What was the point in that? All it succeeded in was making the movie harder to see, and harder to understand what was going on.

The quality of acting in "Alexander" varied with each character. Colin Farrell was okay, but nothing more. He broke down and cried way too much. Just when he started to show really good acting, he started to get teary eyed again, ruining the scene. Angelina Jolie gave a great performance. She was very convincing as a bitter and angry mother. In my opinion, she gave the best performance in the entire movie. Val Kilmer also did a fine job as Philip. The gay parts of the movie were not the emotionally moving parts that Stone had envisioned. The entire audience laughed at hearing the dialogue between Alexander and Hephaistion (Jared Leto). The homosexual nature of the movie was tolerable, except for the really creepy dancer/ servant of Alexander's whose sly smile irked me.

Overall, I do not recommend this movie to anyone. It just drags on and on, and does not seem to end. This is not a movie to see in theaters or even on DVD. It was a waste of almost three hours of my life.
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