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Airplane! 1980

An airplane crew takes ill. Surely the only person capable of landing the plane is an ex-pilot afraid to fly. But don't call him Shirley...

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Imdb rating:7.8



"Nick, Heath, Jarrod, there's a fire in the barn!"
Still one of the greats
Rodger, Roger.
'I am serious...and don't call me Shirley' 10/10
This movie is a pathetic attempt at comedy. The jokes are embarrassing and in come instances downright racist. I do not know why this movie is considered to be one of the top comedies of all time. The jokes are on a childish level and are irrelevant to the plot. Four words for this movie--disgrace to american culture.
Incredible Comedy and Jokes, surprisingly great acting and a high amount of entertainment add up to what could be easily considered the best Spoof film ever. Like any spoof, the story isn't anything special, but it's one of those films where you won't care at all. Surely this film has to have something wrong with it. Nope, and don't call me Shirley.
I think this movie has to be the grand daddy of all comedy spoofs. Almost every comedy to date, has tried to imitate it.
It even had a tough time imitating itself in the sequal.

Airplane was just so stupid, it was funny. My favorite thing was how they would take a simple comment and turn it into a joke. Like, when someone says...surely you don't mean that.
And, Leslie Neilson would reply. "yes I mean it...and stop calling me Shirley! Funny!

You almost have to watch this movie several times to catch all the jokes. Some of them are background jokes, like some guy doing his laundry in the contol tower at the airport. And, that Crazy guy coming up with all kinds of one-liners.

My favorite scene has to be the disco bar, where the two girlscouts are fighting, because it is such a rough place, and the guy who is stabbed in the back, and the stewardess just thinks he is dancing with her.

Not to mention all the cameos of various stars. And, of course we can't forget. "Hey Joey, have you ever scene a grown man naked? Do you like gladiator movies? LOL!!!

It is just crazy.
Wow... airplane has some of the best old comedies ever... it is a masterpiece
Constant laughs and an all together genius comedy.
It's US working title was "Kentucky Fried Airplane." Doesn't that seal the deal?
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