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I got out of the Bay Area really late last night. ("Late Last Night" = very very early Monday). It's okay though because I had a good time and got to spend some quality time with quality folks. I need to visit the Bay Area more often. I really like it up there. (I keep saying that, son't I?)

Driving back I got tired around 2:30 a.m. and pulled over to a rest stop off the freeway to get some Z's. I woke up at 7:30 to the most amazing sunrise I'd ever seen. That was worth the lack of sleep alone. I quickly got back on the road and made my way home.

On the way I got a call from the lady who lives downstairs. I won't get into details because the details are, in the big scheme of things, irrelevant. However, I'd just like to say that it was a great growth experience. You know .. there are things about each of us that we probably don't like. There are ways we behave that we wish we could change. I remember someone once saying that, if someone offends or upsets us we should thank them, because it gives us an opportunity to work on our characters. Well, I found out some things about my own behavior I'm not particularly happy with, but I'm grateful I had the opportunity to work on them today.

We're all growing in one way or another. It's nice to know that the process never really stops, but is continuous throughout our lives. I suppose, for me, that would be the answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" For me, a big part of it is in continually striving to be a better person.

To what end? To no end.

The end and the beginning are irrelevant. It is the process that matters most.

It is the process that defines us.
Agent cody banks is basically a junior james bond but that's to say it isnt a good movie. Frankie muniz from the brilliant malcolm in the middle plays junior secret agent who guess what? has to save the world. I feel they have done a very good job on this movie, the gadgets are a match for bond heck even the action scenes are! Frankie muniz is perfectly cast as cody,he oozes charisma and humour and hilary duff is sassy and very sexy as his love interest in the movie,watch out for her in the future. Despite being a very fun movie i cant see myself watching it over and over again and it is no match for the bond movies.
This dvd is packed with extras that include 13 excellent featurettes! There is also a commentary,deleted scenes,outtakes and 2 easter eggs plus much more.
I have to admit that this movie is undeserving of all these extras compared to other better movies but then again it is aimed squarely at kids. Overall a nice little film with bucketloads of extras on the dvd.
I'm reading this book at the moment, written by Mark 'Chopper' Read, an infamous Aussie criminal/murderer type man. You may have seen the film Chopper. If not, go and do so. Now.

Anyway, as much as the guy is an awful excuse for a human being, he is pretty damn interesting, and has some intriguing things to say.

Whilst reading the book I found out that there is a Lygon Street mafia. I go to Lygon street for dinner all the time. I never knew there was a mafia there. Then again, I am very ignorant to a lot of things. My friends always claim to have seen a brothel on another street we often have dinner at, yet, many years later, I am yet to see it.

What was I saying again? Ahh, yes, the Lygon Street Mafia. Seriously, who are these people? Do they get their pizza's cheaper? I paid $18 for a pizza there once. I want justice, damnit :mad:

CHOOPER on Women:
"Never hit a woman with a clenched fist and always wipe the neck of the bottle before offering them a drink."

Isn't he a catch?
Good natured but rather routine. It has some amusing moments. It unfortunately goes too far to the extreme to really work as a film. Hilary Duff is just awful, but Frankie Munoz gives an appealing performance.
Critics panned this movie because they saw it from an adult perspective. Let there be no mistake, kids 10 and under will love it. It is just like Spy Kids. There isn't really anything else to say, you get gadgets, chases, an evil mastermind and his henchmen, the hero, the girl...standard fare.
I love spy movies (like Spy Kids) and I think you should see this one because it was all about spies and if you were to see it you would say that it was pretty good but even though it got a splat I think it deserves a tomatoe. Cool gadgets and everything.
nothin special, but not painful to watch either. smokin hillary duff is a bonus.
It is Frankie Muniz's incredible energy that makes this otherwise average James Bond-knockoff watchable.
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