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It was okay. They could of done so much more with it...
It's basically an Adventure movie with a very weak plot and surprisingly bad acting. Even by Will Smith, who usually always delivers. But not here. His Vulcan-Wannabe (I don't know what else to call it) persona just falls short. I can't agree with those who thought that Jaden Smith did a poor job here, though, I think he did what was expected of him quite well. Running out of things to watch, and thinking of giving this a try because it at least it will have great production value? Well it kinda sorta does, but it really falls short in that department as well, ultimately.
@D.Rose Lame is an understatement.The Americans could use this to torture prisoners on Guantanamo.
i actually really liked it. 8/10
this movie was disappointing i thought it would be better, lame.
I liked this movie, I didn't look at the reviews. I don't really care what others think of a movie its up to me.
I really enjoyed this movie... Almost didn't watch it because of the bad reviews but I am glad I did, I was pleasantly surprised !!!
The critics just wanted to tear down this movie for whatever reason, most likely because it starred father and son, like @mosredrum said... It was no better or worse than many oscar-nominated movies.

I enjoyed it for what it was worth!
I think it is a fine movie. I know some people who are mad because he used his son. It's a good movie, watch it. You will learn some of the negative comments are just from cynical thinkers.
I suppose this film and The Karate Kid is the stepping stone for Jaden Smith in the film industry. Will didn't do much and the screen was mainly centered on Jaden
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