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Accepted 2006

A high school slacker who's rejected by every school he applies to opts to create his own institution of higher learning, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, on a rundown piece of property near his hometown...

Release Date:
August 18, 2006
93 min
Steve Pink
Meilinda Cecilia Soerjoko, Portis Hershey, Jonah Hill, ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 6.5

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Pretty much your average college movie, was ok nothing special.... 6.5/10
brilliat comedy :) worth a watch,
Pretty good movie! Totally recommend it!
Clerks 2

Kevin Smith offers up another healthy dose of humour in this sequel to the cult classic Clerks. While the humour is a good deal of gross out gags, it does offer the same sort of everyday arguements that you might see happen. The Star Wars trilogy vs. the Lord of the Rings trilogy was completely hilarious... and I wish I could say more, but I don't want to ruin the jokes, so I'll stop with this:

"It's ok, I'm bringing it back!"

Monster House

Steven Spielburg and Robert Zumeckis' CGI creation Monster House is a good family film, with laughs and suspense and the occasional "jump out" scare--however if the child is young, I wouldn't recommend it as it may frighten them... at the time I viewed it, there were only a couple that left, but in previous shows, there were multiple people taking their children out.


I went into this one not really sure of what to expect. I was hoping that this wasn't one of those movies where all the funny parts were in the previews and then the film was horrible.

Not the case here.

I laughed consistently throughout the entire film. Yes, the plot is absurd and it could never happen in real life, so if you can't get past that, then you lead a sad existence and I doni't even know why you go to the movies in the first place... but I digress.

This movie embodies pretty much what every college student wants out of school, but won't ever get. They want to learn what they want instead of being told what to learn. They want to stand up to the fraternities that shunned them. They want to be respected by their parents for doing what they want to do, not what their parents want. All I can say is is that I'm glad this one didn't turn out to have "funny commercials, but not the movie" syndrome.
Movie Review: Accepted

Teen "college comedies" are either hit or miss. They either impress and make one laugh for the entire duration of the movie and develop a devout cult following. Or they bomb, they disappoint in depth, and end up just teasing the audience, and leave them wanting something more. With no big name stars, except for "that kid from 'Dodgeball,'" I had my doubts about "Accepted." Well this low budget, nameless comedy does more than surprise, it pleases in its every aspect. It ends up being one of the few bright spots out of this summer's release schedule.

Justin Long has officially become a star on his own in this movie, where he is devoid of the "Frat Pack." It's easily his funniest role as of date, and he truly showed me that he is able to carry for a movie for the duration, instead of just stealing scenes in others. Another young actor, Jonah Hill (Grandma's Boy), stars alongside Long, in what is the first of their few movies together. Hill, a scene stealer in "Grandma's Boy," also shows he has the chops to make jokes on his own, and is a comedic star in his own right. The rest of the supporting cast has their bright spots, and all make good impressions.

Comedian Lewis Black star as the fake dean for the fake school (South Harmon Institute of Technology, note the acronym). I'm normally not a fan of Black's standup, but I really liked him in the role, and thought he was a riot. If one is a loyal fan or follower, one can only be more impressed at his charismatic turn as Uncle Ben.

Flat out, the movie succeeds in its intended purpose. It is hysterically funny. The opening sets the pace, because when the audience laughs constantly for five minutes, and one cannot hear what the actors are saying, you know you are in for a treat. The comedy is a clever mix of sex and insanity, and the raunchier humor is done subtlety enough where it is not directly said, but so blatantly implied one can't stop from laughing even harder. As pointless as the plot may seem, it is just a gut busting good time.

All of the comedy aside, the movie does have a surprisingly serious undertone. It's not just a frat college movie; it does teach and develop a life lesson as well. It is not all fun and games, as the movie strikes some strong chords that this generation can most certainly relate to. It's a bit more serious than simply following its audience as they age, and becoming a newer version of "Camp Nowhere."

After mentioning all of these positive qualities, it is hard to knock the movie, but there are a few slip ups. The movie really is predictable, but it doesn't necessarily hurt it. But there are a few awkward moments that don't really seem to fit in with the rest of the movie. They pass quickly which is nice, but I till sort of wonder about their intended purpose.

With a PG-13 rating, "Accepted" defies the stereotype of typical college movies that pump up the sex appeal as much as they can. There is no nudity in the movie, and even the language is generally clean (minus a few exceptions of course). And this is just one of the minor things that make it so great. It becomes much more representative of a college experience. It brings back the idea of "PCU," and a funny college movie, without the random sexual stuff thrown in. I'm not saying the movie is deadpan, but it makes it seem a lot smarter than a goofy unrealistic movie such as cult favorite "Old School."

The content also makes it so the movie should appeal to a wider audience, and it would be appropriate for those in their early teenage years who want to see something more grown up that they can laugh at as well. The movie as a whole should appeal to more than teens as well. Not just college students can enjoy the movie, but it is a movie than can stretch the boundaries of its audience.

While "Accepted" is a unique and different movie that is exactly what makes it so enjoyable. I'll find it hard to watch another comedy this year as crowd pleasing and as funny as it ended up being, without it trying too hard. The movie is definitely worth the price of at least one admission and most likely a repeat viewing. It hopefully will obtain not only the mainstream recognition that it deserves, but a healthy cult following as well. A must see comedy and summer hit, "Accepted" has catapulted itself into the short list for top movies of 2006 at this point.
Not as good as Old School but about on par with Van Wilder. Great way to end it though...

"Do you realize your school spell's S.H.I.T.?"

This was a last second movie that some of my friends invited me to go see last night. I wasn't planning on watching it because it really didn't look that good to me. I didn't even have it in my "Soon to see" section in my sticky entry. So I went in with no expectations and I left loving every second of the film. The movie is great all-around. It is extremely original and a roll on the floor type comedy at times. I was completely shocked and never thought that I would come out of this movie and give it a 9 rating. But this movie definitely deserved it. This was easily my best movie-going experience of the year (not neccessarily the best movie...just the experience). Don't listen to the critics: this is a must-see film of the year, VERY much underrated. I hope I have convinced some of you to go see it. Anyways, GREAT movie if you haven't figured that out yet: 8/10
So yesterday my father and I saw Accepted, and we were both greatly surprised by it. I'd barely developed an opinion as to whether or not I wanted to see it in the first place (it only got about 3% promotion anywhere, 2% of which was online and 1% in poster and free-pass-to-a-sneak-preview of it at my job), and Dad had only heard of it yesterday morning; obviously, we didn't have a clue what we were getting into.

I'll just say the movie was GREAT. So it didn't have an all-star cast or a big director's name. So it wasn't the first movie to talk about college in a comedic manner. So it doesn't involve mothaf***in' snakes on mothaf***in' planes. It was still great.

It really takes a step into the minds of college students who don't want to become typically stale, personality-less jerks who dwell in fraternities and think that education has to be 110% precision literature and calculus. I read some schmuck's review somewhere that said some kind of nonsense about the movie promoted "indulgence (as) a substitute for structured education, or, more to the point, for life." Obviously, they went to a more "traditional" college (i.e. the "real" Harmon college from this movie).

It really said something that they had so many "non-beautiful" people attending Southern Harmon Institute of Technology; no, not that they couldn't pay enough good-looking people, but rather, like any good and real college, anybody is accepted if they just be themselves.

I loved the cast. Justin Long is a very talented young comedian and is thankfully sticking to it. As well, his character's friends in the movie were all portrayed excellently.

I could get all into the importances of creativity, imagination, and personality, but that would make this blog ridiculously long. So, I'll keep it short and offer a simple suggestion: go see this movie, and don't think of Animal House. The two movies are nothing alike, so don't even try compare them. Apples and oranges, for crying out loud!

And so, this blog sucks, but it's my first on here, so give me a break.

Give me an S!
Give me an H!
Give me an I!
Give me a T!
I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flack from my movie buddies for rating this so high, but I just can't help myself; I loved it. I laughed a lot, I smile whenever I think of something from it, and I can't wait to see it again. So, regardless of it's many flaws, if I can say those things about a comedy, as a comedy it should be pretty highly regarded. Yes, it's can be formulaic, it's obviously completely unrealistic and the Scent of a Woman-esque courtroom scene with the school board is pretty over-the-top but these things are very minor and pass by very quickly. So, if you look at the film as a whole, what else does it offer us? Absolutely great performances by every actor, supremely funny dialogue, visuals and situations, extremely likeable characters (ESPECIALLY Bartleby, Sherman and his uncle Ben), an outstanding soundtrack (hope I can buy it soon!) and fast, tight pacing, not to mention a hysterical send-off. It even made me feel good inside; I left not just laughing, but happy. My daughter and I have been quoting it almost non-stop since last night and I don't think that's going to stop soon. I was also very happy they managed to make a teenage college party movie that wasn't rated R!! Yes, it had some bad language, but mostly because of the acronym Bartleby unintentionally titled his self-made college (which is in my review title) and it's always for a punchline, never just thrown into the dialogue. There was, of course, sexual inneundo, etc, but they actually understood it could be funny without showing it move, as this movie will probably appeal more to high school than college students for most of it's fan base. I don't know how to analyze why I thought it was so great; I just know that except for the moralizing at the end and a couple of (albeit brief) slow parts, I actually wanted to give it a '9' or maybe even '10' so I don't feel like I HAVE to analyze it.....I just liked it 8 points worth so there!!! Go ahead, let me have it, but I'm probably going to watch it almost as many times as I've watched Saving Silverman, which I also can't defend, so I don't care. :D
Most of this film feels like a made-for-TV teen movie. The premise was interesting but the execution was sloppy and uninspired. Still, it wasn't an entire disaster. There were a few laughs sprinkled here and there and some good guys that you can't help but cheer on.
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