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the best Seagal movie, a shame that it is sometime forgotten because of the crap he has done it the past few years.
Above The Law. . . . . . Lose the ponytail. . . . . . . He can't act. . . . . This film sucks.
Above the Law: 5/10

This and Under Siege are Seagal's best easily. The rest of his movies are strictly average or below, and he has been responsible for some real crapsters, like Ticker and On Deadly Ground.

This may not have a great story, but, this film, better than his rest, really showcase Stevens Aikido skills. The fights in this a great, and theres a lot of them. In his first few films, which all felt remarkebly similar, this, Hard to Kill and Out for Justice, he had lots of fights, simply filmed. Under Siege was a fun movie and great but had very little in the way of fights, since then his films have been poor and he hasn't worked with as good directors in terms of action.

Add to that fact that this is Seagal in the best shape of his career. He's not the muscleman, oily chested, cheese grator ab's, hardman like Lundgren, Van Damme and Ah-nuld. He seems more of an everyman with a real toughness to him. He had a real "don't mess with me" aura in his old films, now it is sad to see him looking as old and out of shape as he does.

He seems to have got worse over the years as an actor. This is the best performance I have seen from Seagal, he actually seems human and plays his character with some personality. Andrew Davis seems to get the best out of him, in this and in Under Siege.

This film boasts a good cast, including sexy ladies like Pam Grier and Sharon Stone. There is a good pace to it all and a message, as with most Seagal films, but the message is actually given subtlety, not ramned in your face like in his horrible eco-warrior films. Overall this is a good fun movie.
5.5/10. Certainly one of Steven Seagal's best. Good pace makes it watchable. Still, the story sure could have had more substance. Reasonably well acted.
Once upon a time, Steven Seagal starred in good movies. No, no! He really did!

Those who have seen his recent direct-to-video efforts may not even be aware of that fact, but "Above the Law" is proof that Seagal was once attached to quality projects.

Sure, his character here may be a little rediculous even by action movie standards--he plays Nico Toscani, an Akido master who is a veteran narcotics detective with a Bad Attitude... and he's also a former CIA operative with close relatives in the Chicago mob whom he can call on for favors in times of need. To top it off, he's an immigrant who came to the United States with his Sicilian parents at the age of 5.

I haven't seen a character with this goofy a backstory since the last time I played "d20 Modern" with my gaming group. Maybe someone should introduce Steven Seagal to roleplaying games, because he really, REALLY needs to retire from acting.

Comparing "Above the Law" to some of his recent efforts (like "Black Dawn") makes a person feel pity for the man. He may not have done all the stunts even in his early films--I don't think it's Seagal plunging through a storefront window using a bad guy as a shield, for example--but at least he did his own martial arts scenes... he doesn't even do those anymore. His acting and the quality of the scripts used in his movies have also degraded as he's packed on the pounds. The garbage he appears in today makes it likely that decent films like this one will be ignored... and he really is making himself look so very pathetic. In all things, the Seagal of today's movies is a shadow of the Seagal who appeared on screen in yester-year.

(Mr. Seagal, if you or one of your reps read this, know you're welcome at my gaming table any time. We play Saturday afternoons/evenings, and Thursday nights. It's time to hang it up my man. Do your imaginary asskicking with me and other middle-aged, overweight men and women! Roll dice instead of camera! One of my regular players is into Tai Chi big time, so you and her have something in common aside from play-acting tough characters--so come on by! Just stop embarrassing yourself, and let us remember your screen presence as it was in "Above the Law" and your other films from the late 1980s until the late 1990s or so.)

As for the plot of "Above the Law", it's a morass of farfetched coincidences that have Nico and his almost-retired partner (Grier) accidentially uncover a far-reaching web of corruption within the American intelligence services... a web that just happens to involve several of Nico's old CIA acquaintances, including the evil Dr. Zagon (Silva.)

Like the backstory for Seagal's character, if you stop and think about it, it seems utterly rediculous. However, the story is presented with style, humor, and plenty of fast-paced, well-staged action and fight sequences, so the implausabilities can be forgiven. Plus, the film actually steers away from some of the most-used cliches in films featuring a pair of long-time partners on a police force, while presenting a different sort of homelife than most movie cops have.

If you enjoy action films with martial arts ass-kicking, I'm certain you'll enjoy "Above the Law".

Above the Law
Starring: Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, and Henry Silva
Director: Andrew Davis
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