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A Scanner Darkly 2006

An undercover cop in a not-too-distant future becomes involved with a dangerous new drug and begins to lose his own identity as a result...

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Imdb rating:7.1

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Watching this broke my heart. Man's inhumanity to man and man's weaknesses illustrated in a painful way, a sad way, a punch to the gut way. Going to have to watch a Disney movie now, just to balance out!! Oof. 8/10
This is a really original production. There isn't anything else out there like it. Plus the acting was really cool, Woody, RDJ, Keanu, Winona and Rory. They were all very well done. The story is pretty out there too, really entertaining. 10/10 imo.
Good movie, a powerful ending.i would live to read the book.
With as much as I loved this movie, I really need to take the time to read the book. Amazing story, amazing animation, and amazing cast. This one will make you think hard and you will actually like it. My mind was blown by this and I loved it. 9/10
what if they stomp the animals
@Noctally my point exactly. Also the story in the book isn't really the same due to deeper characterization. And the whole story is actually about the characters...
And how I missed some of the scenes from the book ='(
Thanks for the support =P
@Nazdroth I love the story told in the book. The movie isn't bad, but it lacks proper atmosphere in my opinion. ;)
The book truly is a masterpiece and some of the most interesting stuff in it got cut off the movie.
The movie is still good though.
A truly powerful film. As many of us who struggle with these issues with know, not everyone makes it out alive
what is the drug they talking abotu exactly ... bad salt lol?
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