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A Midsummer Night's Dream 1999

Lovers lives are complicated by city law, feuding faerie royalty, and... love...

Release Date:
May 14, 1999
116 min
Michael Hoffman
Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, Gregory Jbara, ...
Comedy, Romance, Fantasy ...
UK, USA, Italy
English, Italian

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Solar rating: 6.6


Imdb rating: 6.5



Okay, ten Shakespeare film adaptations that I've really enjoyed over the years. Enjoy
So, I've watched two and a half movies tonight, all desperately romantic films, in hopes of getting it all out of me. ***NEWSFLASH*** It only made things worse.

A Midsummer Night's Dream has many stars that people know. Michelle Pfieffer is init (though she's not my favorite), Calista Flockhart, Kevin Klein, Sam Rockwell, Stanely Tucci (*puuuurrrr*), Christian Bale...etc, etc. Familiar faces all around. Shakespeare always gets me. I was laughing, was a mess. Wonderful movie, though. I've never loved Kevin Klein more...ok, maybe in "A Fish Called Wanda", but he's really good in this too. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare movies, anyway. I'm actually kind of suprised that Kenneth Brannaugh didn't have anything to do with this production. Maybe there wasn't enough self-indulgence for him.

Then I watched "Play it again, Sam". Not directed by Woody Allen, but wriiten by and starring. Maybe that feature was what I was missing. The movie is great, same WA humor, same neurosis, Hell, same actors. There was just a little something missing. I can't really explain it. Very good, anyway. I think it's Tony Robert's best dramatic role...even though some of the scenes are parodies. Diane Keaton has never looked more ravishing. I really dig the short hair. The tension that Woody creates in his character is unmatchable. He melds his early slapstick style with his more acknowledged "romantic comedy" dialogue. He really is a genius, in both genres. Someday I'll make time to watch "Bananas" again and review it. Let me tell you, his early stuff is great too. Anyway, if I knew a man like Woody's character in this movie (but maybe a little taller) I'd be all about him. Who knows, maybe I already do! *sigh* Hopeless.

Then I watched the first half of "Les Enfants du Paradise". Incredible. It made me realize why I'm in the funk I'm in. I've been dealing with a lot of regrets in the past few weeks...wondering if things might have worked out differently under different circumstances. I've also realized, as if I hadn't before, that I'm desperately in search of something probably unattainable. Watching that movie, I see characters like Nathatlie who is desperately in love with Baptiste and sure that they are meant to be together. But Baptiste is in love with Garance, for some inexplicable reason. She is beautiful, sure. But he wants nothing more than to be with her. Love works like that, sometimes. I have felt like Baptiste, desperately wanting to be loved the same way that I love. I just don't think that passion exists anymore. People are too wrapped up in other things nowadays. They are told that love like that is impractical (I heard Dr. Phil say that once on Oprah). I yearn for that kind of passion. For me, the valleys are as good as the peaks. Call me masochistic. I guess that's one of the feelings I get from "Les enfants du Paradise". Love like that has consequences. But feeling that love, even the despair, is totally worth it. Just to say that you have. For me? Too many valleys, not enough peaks. Unrequited love is the worst. I'm sure everyone is aware.
I dunno. One glass of wine too many.


A Midsummer Night's Dream is the 200th film I have had the pleasure of viewing since I started writing reviews in this wonderful community. Needless to say, it wasn't a film I hoped to be the 200th, but nevertheless, it was.

I decided to write this "commentary" after finishing Shakespeare's play, to decided whether it was sufficiently crafted or not. The play is wonderful, and I must say I loved it. What made the play more enjoyable, is the actors who played the characters. As I read the story, I realized what a good job the cast director did. The performances from Pfiefer, Tucci, Everett, and Kline are perfect. I remembered them as I was reading their lines of dialogue in the play. Calista Flockhart was a disaster. She couldn't keep her English accent and just simply wasn't on par with her character. Theseus wasn't well portrayed in the film, as well as Hyppolyta. Their relationship is barely touched upon, even though in the play, it is well developed. There is also very little evidence of Hyppolyta's involvement with Oberon. The cinematography and art direction is on the dot, whereas the editing needs a lot of work. I recommend the film to die hard fans of the play, but it's not necessarily enchanting. The play is somewhat flawed, in my humble opinion, but the basic story and the themes being dealt with are very well depicted.
Rarely do you come across a Shakespearian comedy. This particular remake of a classic play written by WS is a delight to watch. Bale is yummy, though his part is rather small. But it has to be said that Kevin Kline steals the show with this one. I just love him!
(Presentation) (First Viewing, 1st Hoffman film)

A Midsummer's Night Dream is, in my opinion, one of Shakespeare's least satisfying plays. It's got so many beautiful moments and passages of unparalleled poetry, but there's something about it that seems uneven (the final act is a drag), and quite frankly, I find it too absurd for my tastes.

That said, I found Michael Hoffman's take on Shakespeare's beloved play an unexpected delight. It features a huge cast of talented performers, and boasts a really terrific visual design. But aside from several unexpectedly great performances (particularly Stanley Tucci as Puck, Calista Flockhart (an actress I normally can't stand) as Helena, and even Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania). Everett is also great in a very sexualized role.

But the best elements of this version of Midsummer Night is it's overt sexuality (it's like a Bottocelli or Titian painting), and playing up the idea that Nick Bottom has a bad home life that he's trying to escape (meaning his brief experience with the fairy queen is some kind of marvelous escape), is inspired. It brings a new poignance for a character I usually find rather irritating.

As I've been finding out, Shakespeare adaptations are really hit-or-miss, but I'd count this version of A Midsummer Night Dream as one of the better ones I have seen. Now I just really want to see William Dieterle's version from 1935 (which proved to be the lumious Olivia de Havilland's big break!).
me thinking of you:

It's the terror of knowing what this world's all about,
watching some good friend scream "Let me out!"
-Under Pressure

I think I've already lost you
I think you're already gone
I think I'm finally scared now....

If you're gone - maybe it's time to go home
There's an awful lot of breathing room,
but I can hardly move
If you're gone - baby you need to come home...
-if youre gone

I picture you in the sun
wondering what went wrong
and falling down on your knees
asking for sympathy
May God's love be with you, always...
-In The Sun

Give a little bit of your love to me
Give a little bit,
Give a little bit of my life for you.
Now's a time that we need to share,
So send a smile
We're on our way back home...
-Give a Little Bit

me thinking of you, thinking of me:

I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day
And ask her if she'll marry me in some old fashioned way...
-Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Better than I was, more than I am
And all of this happened by taking your hand
And who I am now is who I wanted to be
And now that we're together
I'm stronger than ever I'm happy and free

If you asked me why I've changed, all I gotta do is say your
sweet name....

-It's Your Love

I've fallen in love for the first time
this time I know it's for real...
God knows I've fallen in love
-I Want to Break Free

Knockin' me out with those American thighs
Yeah, you shook me all night long...
-You Shook Me All Night Long
As if one has not been able to tell lately, well, maybe I haven't been too obvious here, but I am kind of on a Christian Bale kick...Yesterday I watched Reign of Fire, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

"Only one thing worse than dragons...Americans."
Reign of Fire 6/10 :fresh:
Well, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of Reign of Fire...I mean, come on...The year is 2020 and dragons rule the earth. Sounds...well...not good. Quinn (Christian Bale) is the leader, along with his best friend, Creedy (Gerry Butler) of what they believe to be the last remaining group of humans until a dragon slyer by the name of Van Zan (a bald, scruffy, tattooed Matthew McConaughey) comes along, asking for men to take down the only male of the dragons, because by killing him they will kill off the entire race. Personally, I thought it was an all right movie, okay, okay, the eye-candy helped. Not my type, it's just your typical action mixed with fantasy movie, nothing special.

Time to go pull out Newsies
Delightful I found this film to be. Most excellent is found the directing, as was well delivered acting, costuming, and blending of effects. Dialogue to Shakespeare true was unaffectedly and rapidly delivered. Also excellent was found the setting's choice, and appearance most fanciful was made the "green world" of Shakespeare. Creatures exotic, exciting, and sensual did it contain. Most joyous did I find missing the darkness, British, that often obliterates life from Shakespeare's plays that in the tombs are they found wallowing. Well done!
I love William Shakespear play the Midsummer Nights Dream especially the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart and etc. Its such a romantic story I also love the fairies and the costumes and makeup.

I also love Romeo and Juliet, its so romantic two people willing to die together for love :fresh:
I like this movie a lot. Very funny, interesting. My favorite is queen Titania. :D
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