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@dillonfarmer another flick like this one i think you really enjoy is, Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds.. Amy Smart... Chris Klein.. Anna Faris.. like this one it has good laughs, sweet moments and awesome soundtrack. Cheers!
@dillonfarmer Oh yeah! This is a wonderful film many people have no idea about. It is HILARIOUS and really sweet! The Soundtrack has been in my top ten for years. Adore this lil flick.
So normally I can not stand Ashton Kutcher or Amanda Peet. Other roles that I have most recently watched were " The Whole Ten Yards" and " My Boss' Daughter." While I do find Kutcher extremely attractive, he is not a good actor. I had high hopes for Peet when I used to watch her on Jack and Jill, but since "The Whole Nine Yards" and its sequel, she is as hard for me to watch on screen as Brittany Murphy and Kirsten Dunst. I had horrible expectations for what this movie would be like with them both in it. I was pleasantly surprised however and found that the film was amusing and comical. It had kind of a cute storyline that spanned over the period of six years and I thought that it was great that the main characters had a role reversal through the six year period.

I don't know I think I would watch this movie again, if just to be the companion for one of my friends who wants to see it but is slightly too embarrassed to see an Ashton Kutcher movie by themselves.
1/2 A LOT LIKE LOVE - Ashton Kutcher isn't as annoying as I thought he'd be and Amanda Peet is fine as they play a couple who hook up once, but then check in with each other every couple of years. The problem is the script; it tries to go for a "When Harry Met Sally" vibe, but the witty dialogue is replaced by people spitting water at each other, sticking straws up their noses and talking with their mouth crammed with food (I'm not kidding). Barely sit-through-able.
an entertaunung comedy that makes you all warm and fuzzy.
"A lot like Love" is a lot like, "When Harry Met Sally" It's got some of it's own laughs, that make it worth watching. Good date movie.
Are you looking for that ultimate date movie? Then say no more, cause this movie ain't it. First seeing this movie was NOT my idea. As far as I'm concerned Ashton Kutcher is an overhyped pretty boy.

So how did I come to see this movie might you ask? I was with my brother, his friend and his wife. Now I'm not sure how exactly this movie was decided on, but I'm pretty sure my brother's friend's wife had something to do with it. Yeah I'm blamming it on the woman, because I know no guy in their right mind would willing sit through a romance movie, let alone one that star Ashton Kutcher.

So if you are looking for fun and a good time, flushing the toilet is more fun then seeing this movie. Watching the water spin down a hole repeatedly would make for a quality hour and a half.
Well it was better then Guess Who but Kutcher needs to make movies like Butterfly Effect to deviate from his Kelso persona. This movie is exactly what you'd expect. Need I say more? If I do, then you deserve to watch this washed down garbage.
Theater First Viewing, 3 Cole films seen

A Lot Like Love is a romantic comedy that actually tries to be smarter than the average in the genre. Too bad it doesn't completely succeed. Instead of having Ashton Kutcher act really weird and fall down all the time (like he did in My Boss's Daughter and Just Married), he actually tries to give a "performance" - and better yet, play a "character." This isn't great stuff. It's obviously cliche and predictable, and if it were not for the way the characters meet, I may have liked it a little more.
I do not think I can find the words to express how bored I was with this film. I did not care about the characters, the story was flat and there is nothing special about the acting. This was a real low point for the spring movie season.
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