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A Little Princess 1995

A young girl is relegated to servitude at a boarding school when her father goes missing and is presumed dead...

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:D I love this movie!!!! It gives me the same good goosebumps as The Secret Garden. I saw this like two years ago on tv. It's gonna be on tv again soon. I'm gonna watch it again cuz I missed like a half hour of it. I still love it. Watch it people! It's not just for children!:D

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Directed by Alfonso Cuaron
MPAA:G(for general audiences)

A Little Princess is not really a movie about a princess. The title comes from a quote we hear that all little girls are princesses, it doesn't matter if you're poor, rich, black, smart, dumb, every little girl everywhere is a princess. This movie is filled with a lot of life lessons to learn a good messages and the main one is the one I referenced that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of skin color or social position.

This is not a fantasy movie but there's a magical presence throughout the entire film that makes this feel like a fairy tale. The cinematography and the passionate direction from Alfonso Cuaron helped to add to those magical touches. A Little Princess takes place during the time of the First World War in where Sarah Crewe, the main character is enrolled in a boarding school for young girls while her father fights in the war. Its easy to compare this to one of the Harry Potter movies, not just because of the director but because the main character has lost her mother and during the film she finds out that her dad may be dead. So that makes her an orphan and in the school she has to deal with a snobby bully and the headmistress, Miss Minchin who doesn't like Sarah because of her popularity to tell stories and her positive attitude. She's even meaner than Professor Snape!

I was really surprised of the extraordinary performance by Liesel Matthew. She was heartbreaking in one of the best scenes of the movie in where she almost makes the villain cry. The ending was moving and the entire movie is something to be remembered. It's very funny, enchanting, and for little girls it may be one of the best movies they will ever see. It's also a remarkable film for the rest of us and for me it's definitely a great family film and I still can't believe I liked this movie so much.
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"Papa? Papa?!"

Okay, everytime this movie is on television, I HAVE to watch it. Even though I've seen it a million times, even though I know the whole damn thing by heart, even though I know exactly how it ends, I not only watch it but, every damn time, sit there and bawl.

Alfonso Cuaron is a genius. This & Great Expectations are among my all time favourites. He's just so wonderful at creating beautiful films.

This is the most facsinating movie to watch. It is the kind of movie that takes your breath away with its mystery, emotion, color, life, and intensity. The theme of India is so exsquisitly woven into the story with that robust color and mystery. The little girl is cherished by the audience. The emotion of her trials and joys causes goosebumps on my arms.

Such a beautiful, beautiful film. I have loved it since I was little for the story and acting but now I love it for the filming as well. And the music is beautiful....everything about this film is beautiful.
Sarah Crewe's father is going to war so she must leave India and is left at a prep school for girls in London run by the horrible Miss Minchin. When her father dies on the battlefield Sarah is left with no money and no where to go so Miss Minchin keeps her at the school as a servant. Her imagination and spirits keep her going along with the support of the other girls. Meanwhile an injured unidentified soldier who can't remember his past is living with the old man next door.
Liesel Matthews is such a brilliant little actress. She is what made this film so great. She fits the part perfectly.

I cry every time I watch this movie. So good.
A Little Princess (1995): 6/10

Every girl everywhere is a princess.

Alfonso Cuaron's A Little Princess wears the tiara for being the most arresting, both visually and emotionally, films of all time.
Oooh... A Little Princess would have to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched it all the time when I was smaller, and now whenever I come across the VHS at home I just have to watch it.

The movie starts out in India. A little girl named Sarah lives with her father in a large house where she tells wild stories to all her friends all day long. One day, her father tells her they must sail to America, where she will be sent to the same boarding school her mother (who is dead) used to attend. Her father is going off to war. Sarah has to learn to fit in with everything at the strict and snobbish new school. One day, she learns that her father has died in the war. Suddenly, she's not looked up to by the teachers there - she's an orphan now. The fancy room she once had is taken away from her, and she is now a maid with another girl instead of a student. But Sarah manages to keep her spirits up by telling her tales to the girls when they sneak up to her room at night.

This movie is heart warming and beautiful, and you'll love every drop it just as I do.
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