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A Goofy Movie 1995

When Max makes an preposterous promise to a girl he has a crush on, his chances to fulfilling it seem hopeless when he is dragged onto a cross-country trip with his embarrassing father, Goofy...

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Monday night I watched A Goofy Movie. Beyond the elementary school nostalgia, it's a wonderful film with some classic lines, awesome songs, and an intriguing study of father/son relationships.
Just some movie ratings.
It was Friday right? I think so. I didn't have classes today, so I slept in til 1:00.

Got up. Browsed RT for the entire day, while downloading the Matrix Online beta. (Still downloading it) Tis a large file.

Got a call from a family friend. They are offering to sell me a 88 Toyota Cressida for $500. Me and my Dad have decided to buy it.

Showed my Dad Touching the Void tonight. I think he liked it.

I also watched A Goofy Movie a few days ago. It's ok.

Tonight I will be watching Unforgiven...after I finish my download. Cool.

i wouldn't love it as much as i do if pauly shore wasn't one of the voices in this. It's so flipping hilarious. he's classic!


i forgot all about it but i chanced upon it on tv just now and couldnt help watching it again :)

for kids... or for the 'kid' inside us all... it's disney.. it's funny.. and it's got pauly shore in it ...i like it alot.

(KEVIN LIMA, 1995)
disneys best
This film is perfect for children. I saw it as a child and it had a very powerful emotional impact on me. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't enjoy it nowadays, but my friend recently rented it and I gave it another shot. Whilst I enjoyed it on different levels this time, it was still a wonderful film. I could still appreciate how children would embrace the film, the animation is suprisingly some of the best I have ever seen on film, it's really quite gorgeous. The musical numbers are actually quite good, infact On the Open Road has really grown on me. Then there's the fantastic voice work, some great set pieces and the over all moral of the whole thing. This film, achieves what it attempts pretty much flawlessly.

Personal enjoyment: :fresh: 8/10
As a film: :fresh: 8/10
The great comic genious Goofy, plays a man named Goofy who takes a his teenage son Max, on a road trip. & theres cameos from Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck. On the opend road. How Goffy wasn't nomminated for an oscar I'll never know.
I guess it is about time to start doing some reviews again. Sorry about the lack of them lately. With the Holidays and all, I really haven't found much time to watch many movies. But I did manage to see one of my all time favorite cartoons again this past weekend. A Goofy Movie may not be as classic as some Disney films, but it is still one of the better ones.

Basically the movie is about the teenage son of Goofy, Max, who is trying to catch the eye of a girl at his school. But after a daring performance at school, he is branded a hooligan by his principal. This doesn't sit too well with Goofy, who is made to feel he should keep his son under his thumb by friend Pete. This leads Goofy to rip Max from all his summer plans, and taking him on a fishing trip filled with many lows.

It is amazing to say how much heart there is in this movie. Usually Goofy gets the short end of the stick as far as drama. While his comedic character elements are very much apparent in the film, they aren't so much that you can't grow sympathetic to this father who is desperate to be a part of his son's life.

The animation is well done. Very surprising that a lot of hard work was put into a film that isn't really part of the main Disney animated films. It doesn't have the awe and wonder of Beauty and the Beast, but what it does offer is still amazing.

The music is actually really good in this movie as well. And in a lot of ways the role of Powerline, the music icon of the film, could be Tevin Campbell's crowning achievement. Even after all these years, I 2 I still feels as exciting as any song could possibly feel in a movie.

This is the sort of film I would want me kids to see. It has this timeless feel to it. Not many Disney cartoons these days create this feeling, which is why I strongly recommend those who haven't seen this movie to do so. I picked the DVD up for $13, which is a wonderful price considering how great the film is. So even if you have seen it, check it out again.
Ah this is a favorite from my childhood, I loved this movie then and still like it now, maybe not as much but I could watch it mutilates times. Like most movies from anyone ones childhood really, they may have been great when you first watch them, but there not so good anymore. A Goofy Movie only drops a peg though, I still really liked it, just not as much as I thought.

A Goofy Movie has Goofy and his son Max heading off for a fishing trip because Goofy thinks hes loosing touch with Max. The trip has both Goofy and Max finding out more about themselves and each other and really brings them closer together.

A Goofy Movie has a bit of everything, action, comedy, adventure, and a lot of heart. This movie really pours it on thick with the heart, but it works. This is another great family film, and one everyone should pick up.
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