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A Good Day to Die Hard 2013

John McClane travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working undercover, causing the father and son to team up against underworld forces...

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Imdb rating:5.3

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@Kikisan link is not in english.
dont know about this one tho, thk it was genally release everywhere same time, was out here on Thrusday.....
Hopefully coming soon, have found Russian and Italian, whys it always in another language first.....
Better yet ask in forum not in "movie comment area". ;=D
We watch daily for uploads and within minutes of it hitting www we get them added for you I promise. Just use the "Want to watch" option and you will be notified by a PM., when its been added to Solar. Cheers...
No one talks to INVISIBLE users!!! rofl! Im waiting as well!!
Just wanted to make sure you knew :( don't worry it's you me and thousands of others waiting for it.
Just because it's released does not mean it's been uploaded.
Be nice not bad.!!!! When asking for a link.
that's not helping!
maybe if you try it friendly they will.
hmmm.....waiting for my brain to tell me to go and catch the mid-night showing.....
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