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A Cinderella Story 2004

Routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother, the downtrodden Sam Montgomery is excited about the prospect of meeting her Internet beau at the school's Halloween dance...

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The words of my 16 year old family friend (female)....."I have watched this romantic classic starring Hilary Duff numerous times as I love the setting and ideas of the film. It is a great and inspiring movie for young adults such as myself and I'd suggest it to anyone as a great movie to watch."


If my review were translated by the main character of this film, it would read:

Like Wow! Hehe. This film totally sucks!:rolleyes: lol
Cinderell a Story Rocks!
Okay well needless to say that this wasn't my first choice for a movie to see. I actually tried to get in to Fahrenheit 9/11 but it was sold out:(. Anyways, my friend and I went to see a Cinderella Story and omg! Granted, the story itself was bearable, and Chad Michael Murray was hot enough to make me forget I was supporting Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff however, may very well be the worst actress I have ever seen in my life. Her acting lacked any conviction and believability despite the fact that she's supposed to be able to relate to this High-School setting. Thankfully, Chad was on screen as much as Hilary and that's what got me through those painful acting scenes. The Jennifer Coolidge was funny as the stepmother and the stepsisters were as annoying as could be expected. In all honesty, it's not a bad movive, but Hilary Duff absolutely killed it for me. I'd have rather seen Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes in her role. Oh well...
I loved it. I also think that they should come out with a second one. The reason is, is because they should talk about her freshman year at Princeton and how Austin and Sam do for their first year at Princeton and how they do as being boyfriend and girlfriend (finally!!!) :fresh: :) :D ;) :up:
A Cinderella Story

*So stupid it's funny

*Just plain stupid

Overall: A Cinerella Story may not be as bad as New York Minute, but comes pretty damn close.

King Arthur was pretty cool. It was pretty predictable though, simple story I think. Acting was decent. Nothing spectacular but still worth seeing!

I really liked the Notebook a lot, not to mention I cried like a baby. Its definatly a movie for anyone who has been in love, is in love, or believes in love. This isn't a movie for single men with no hearts. Its a beautiful love story, and I liked the casting EXCEPT for the rich father, he was rediculous. Ryan G. was alright, could have picked someone better looking I think, or who showed emotion a bit better. Rachel McAdams was amazing! :up:

A Cinderella Story was cute. It did was it was supposed to do, entertained. The plot was average, the script a bit lame. Hilary Duff did well and the supporting characters were funny! Go see if if you like movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and the Lizzie Maguire Movie. Very pre-teen, but cute.

Dodgeball was halarious. If you like Old School then see this movie. Ive seen it twice and laughed my a** off both times.

yes this is random.. but Jay and I rented the Flight of the Navigator, a movie from the late 80's that was so damn cool! I love it! Go 80s!

Ok well thats enough, I don't think I saw anything else this summer, but if I remember Ill add them later.. I am hoping to see:
Spiderman 2
I, Robot
Farenheit 911
It was a good movie. It was light, fun, and entertaining, and I enjoyed myself the whole time I was there. Some of the jokes were kind of so-so, but overall they did a good job making it funny. Hilary Duff was a great Cinderella. She was cute, funny, and she looked beautiful in her dress. I have seen it twice already, and would definately consider seeing it again. I haven't felt better leaving the theater after a movie in a long time.
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