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A Christmas Carol 2009

An animated retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions...

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Imdb rating: 6.8

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I watched movie today. Great remake, I can't imagine that's Jim Carrey voice. :D
This one of the best remakes of A Christmas Carol since 1938, I believe version staring Reginal Owen whitch is still my favorite
The animation is just incredible! Simply Amazing. Jim Carey's A Christmas Carol has now become my fav rendition of this Charles Dickens classic. A Disney Perfection! 9/10

this one was in 3d. very good.

VERY disappointing. Disney got way caught up in the animation and the story itself seemed completely overlooked. Many scenes went on and on. Considered walking out of this one. Not at all worth the money.
This movie is not for small children. We took our 5 year old Grand Daughter and she was so scared we had to leave the theater in the middle of the showing. We neglected to check the rating (PG). I thinik most pre-teens would not find much that interests them here. For teens and adults, what I did see of the move was well done, but certainly not up to all the hype.
I agree that this movie is not for small children. Every child around us was crying for their mom to take them home, they were scared. It is a VERY SLOW movie.. hard to sit still... I also considered walking out of this one.. something I have never done before in a movie. I think Disney could have done so much more w/it, I was really disappointed. Like one reviewer stated.. they got too caught up in the animation (which was great)..but the story was totally lost and dragged on way too long in each scene. Not worth the $10, and definitely not worth the $13.50 for 3D I had to pay for my daughter. $47 later.. what a waste.. And that was just for the tickets for 4 of us. Kicking myself for wasting the money considering the economy.. would have liked to know spending that much was well worth it. The only draw for this movie will be Jim Carey when people question if they should see it...they might just to see him... but bring a pillow to nap with.
Absolutely BRILLIANT movie, Great cast and great story, very close to the Dickens novel, DEFINATELY not for small kids, very scary for them in quite a few seens and a bit dour, but the ending is every bit of an elation as all the other movies and if you aren't smiling and warm in the heart when you leave, you are a HUMBUG! The 3-D is exquisite. A MUST SEE!
WARNING!, this movie is DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER!. The fact that it is a Disney produced movie can mislead parents that this movie is suitable for children. I observed several parents taking their tearful and frightened children out of the Theater during the 1st half of the movie. Die-hard Jim Carey fans may like this movie, some may very well find this version of Scrooge artistically inspired, I did not. When it comes to Scrooge, I stlill believe the 1951's 'A Christmas Carol', starring Alistair Sim is the ultimate definitive Scrooge movie. I am also very fond of Mr. McGoo's Christmas Carol. Rent that one for your young kids.
This movie was wonderful. The 3D and graphics were amazing! Classic telling of this story but also extra features to add some humor but all so add some suspense. This did have some scary moments in it, quite a few actually so I would NOT reccommend it for young children unless you preview it first to make sure your child can handle it. The 3D does make it scarier. One child behind us was actually whimpering after the first scene with Marley's ghost. Was an amazing movie and I will probably go see it again.
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