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9 2009

A rag doll that awakens in a postapocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation...

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Imdb rating: 7.1

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This movie did not get a=enough credit. It's absolutely amazing and just a fantastic movie
This is without doubt one of the best animations I have ever seen
good family movie
very beautiful movie~
This movie was interesting, but in a dark and sickly sort of way. Not to say I didn't like it- it's definitely worth seeing at least once. It's just that it leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth.
I must admit, it was a pretty decent movie. The visuals were amazing, which is probably what brought the people to see this movie in the first place. The plot, however, was a little weak. And the characters are somewhat undeveloped, but at least numbers 3 and 4 are loveable. It has enough of a jump factor to keep me interested. This is not the best movie in its genre, but it certainly is one to check out.
I did expect alot more from Tim Burton, however I did enjoy this film. It would have been alot better if Elijah Wood were not in it.
9 is pretty much a dissappointment and surprisingly scored pretty high on the critics, top critics, and rt community tomatometer. Yes, the movie is visually stunning. The animation is excellent. But we see the same story again which we saw tons of times before. This is not where the problems stop. The film has several unanswered questions and never bothers to answer them. The movie is way too serious and feautures too many action sequences. The ending is disatisfying and even though the plot thickened, it made the movie better but couldn't save it.
The CGI staggers below expectations. Stop-motion would have been the more effective medium considering its over all tone and design. It felt more like a really long video game cinematic. There wasn't enough of a connection between the characters and there were many times where the story begged to go deeper. There are worse movies out there, but that shouldn't sugarcoat the potential that this film had and the disappointment it left us with. Just Youtube the original award-winning short and call it a day.
I liked this. It was easy to watch and ended on time. Tim Burton has stepped outside of his personal little box a little for this one which I don't mind. The CGI stuff was attractive and I think added to the movie. The little robot-dolls were the most Burton-esque thing about the movie.
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