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Not very scary but fun to watch and tom hardy is really hot!!
bad. had to turn it off.
That kept me up way past my bedtime. Excellent cast. Recommended.
Exellent!! great story, great script and the acting was at it's best.
Excellent thriller. One of the best I've seen in a long time 10/10
10/10 Enough Said A MUST WATCH Movie
@sha777 have to agree.. this one hit the spot for a great classic horror flick... Jonathan Rhys Meyers was perfection and Julianne Moore was fabulous as usual.
This was a great movie.
10/10 this is right up there with Identity, Constantine and The Game (1997).
Watched "6 Souls". This is a very good psychological scary thriller and mystery. The movie revolves around a psychologist who deals with split and multiple personality problems. Her father introduces her to one of his patients and she tries to help the man by finding out about his alternate personality and showing him that this is someone else and not really him. Unusual things start happening and she is forced to question her scientific philosophy. without giving anything away, the movie leads up to a very different and surprising ending than what you originally thought.Very good watch if you like scary thriller mysteries. I would give this a 8 out of 10 stars.
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