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50 First Dates 2004

Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day...

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This movie never gets old no matter how many times you've watched it.
Though Adam Sandler just seems to be there, the movie as a whole has a nice heart warming feeling with plenty of laughs to hold you to the end. The movie does start off kind of slow because as an audience member I wanted to see the relationship start. Well when it got there the movie started and I had fun. Though I do not like Adam Sandler the rest of the cast kept the movie moving. Drew, Sean, and Rob are the laughs of the film. Each character was right on for the film. Also the animals in the movie were cute and cool and a little sick. You will have to see for yourself.

What didn't work was someone liners that the audience seemed to enjoy but to me it seemed like they ruined the moment. There is a couple of those but not enough to ruin the movie.

Who should see this movie. Well of course Adam Sandler fans. (Even though I was not) This is a crowd pleaser with a cute story. Don't take children under the age of 8. I saw that most kids that were there were lost and a little unsteady. Over all (B)
i like the movie very much, it is a stress reliever. i also like rob's role there. it does fit him a lot. he is so funny. and then adam sandler and drew barrymore looks very cool. i really really like the ending of the movie, i havent saw a good ending for a long time. and me myself had a husband lthat has a short term memory....thats why i can relate with it. please watch the movie.

50 First Dates feels a lot like a bunch of other films combined. The lack of originality shows, but I just loved watching Rob Schneider get beat. The chemistry between the leads does show, and works quite well, but the jokes lack the necessary ingredient of originality.

Take Groundhog's Day and mix it with Memento; that should give you a basic synopsis of the film. As crude as that may sound, it worked better than expected.

The performances were not "brilliant," but worked well-enough to help underscore the chemistry of the film between the two leads. It's clear that Sandler is only good with a intelligent director, as we saw in Punch-Drunk Love, or a great actress (in this case, Drew Barrymore). Sandler plays his basic role as the man who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Sandler's performance was better than I expected, thanks to the cuteness of Drew Barrymore. She worked wonders for him, with her cleverness and her charm. The romance in this romantic-comedy was sufficient.

The problem of the film was the jokes. Starting off with a walrus vomiting on a Russian woman is a definite sign of weakness. This weakness comes from the script that has too much excess fat that only slows down the story between the two lovers. The jokes are also hit-and-miss; I only found myself laughing out loud when the old Asian man or Rob Schneider were on the screen. Peter Segal's direction was also evidently weak because he probably couldn't tell which of the jokes worked, and which of them didn't. The comedy throughout the film was underdeveloped for the main characters, and overdeveloped for the characters of Schneider and the Russian lady. The organization of the film didn't work quite well, because of a choppy editing job. I also noticed a glitch with the cinematography when the finger (or something of this nature) appeared on the side of the screen.

The film worked great as a romance film, with Barrymore and Sandler clicking on the screen, but the comedy lacked a much-needed boost. Schneider saved the comic-relief of the film through his witty delivery of his lines in a hilarious Hawaiian accent.

In essence, it was a cute little romantic-comedy that's worth a view, but not in theaters. Wait for this one to hit the shelves, and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.
Hilarious romantic comedy. I *loved* it.
Great date movie something for everyone.
Not having a good day today but I still have plenty to talk about in the area of politics as the Democratic primary in Wisconsin approaches.

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:fresh: Fresh My Grade: B-

The first twenty minutes of this film, I was begging my mother to let me run out the doors and go watch Lost in Translation again (it was playing still down the hall). But when Drew Barrymore forgot who Adam Sandler was (the first time), everything got better. It was sort of...pleasing, entertaining. But the first 20 minutes of trauma was...traumatizing. The jokes were cliche'd in a BAD BAD BAD way, in such a way I was dying to run out of the theater. And then it all started to look up, but every so often was sprinkled in an off-handed comment from one of the terrifyingly vulgar minor characters *shivers*.

The one main problem with this film is that it tries to be on two levels that don't click together well at all. One level is the one that appeals to people with an IQ lower than their age (no matter what REASONABLE age they are), and it is one vulgar, repulsive, obnoxious joke after another. And then the other level is the deeper, kinda-makes-ya-think type. What if life were really like that? What if you had to go through that every day? And just when it starts to make you think, you cringe at the ill-humored joke they have twisted in there.

It only slightly rips off Groundhog Day, & Finding Nemo, two fabulous comedies that I love love love. With the repeating days, and the short term memory. Maybe it's not intentional. But regardless the plot is still refreshing. I do not despise this movie, only parts of it. I do not love this movie, only the ending. And no, thats not because it's over.
Thank you, and good night.

-The Masked Banana
Just got back from the theatre. I went with all my friends to see 50 First Dates- we were going to go yesterday, (because none of us have boyfriends (in the area)), but that didn't work out. Anyway.
We decided to go and see it instead of The Perfect Score. Tov and I had originally wanted to see that because we were involved in one of those viewer survey things about a year ago, but it got so many bad reviews, we decided to go to this one instead.

I'm wondering if we would have been better seeing that.

This is only my second Adam Sandler movie, besides Happy Gilmore, and I'm not impressed. They had the projectile-vomiting-seal early in the movie to get it over with, and then we moved onto the lets-make-fun-of-people-with-mental-illnesses. Drew Barrymore (the mentally-handicapped person) actually isn't too bad. She only seems to underreact as the movie goes on. The worst part is that she and Adam Sandler have very little chemistry.

Sandler has a few funny lines and the only funny scene.

Other than that, the movie was very moderate. Not much going on.
And the ending goes on foreevvveeerrrr

Conclusion - Not awful awful, but you could be spending that $5.75 doing something else.

And really loved the Walrus. If you've seen it, how fucking cool is that Walrus?
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