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hard to believe I watched this 7 months ago.. still a good movie..
Awesome movie pretty entertaining with few very moving scenes much better than i had expected 8/10
me gusta. 8/10
I enjoyed the movie.
Not much of a history buff on samurai history. The story was descent and the fighting was pretty cool. I think all the cgi made it lazy on the choreography, even tho it was grade "A" material. 6.5 tbh
You are a bit lighthearted on samurai movies and/or just ran out of things to watch, it's worth watching. It wont ruin your world.
nice movie
This awful flick completely disregard any ounce of historical values. The Japanese in that era speaks English? Come on!
Like with all movies staring Keanu reeves,
this one would have been better without Keanu reeves.
And the ending was bisexual,
just like Keanu Reeves.
seen this a while ago. i think its an awful movie. i was expecting so much more. especially with the guy with tattoos on his face. he is barely in the movie, why on earth is he on the poster then? whatever its ok to waste some time . 3,5/10 for me
good movie.. lol.. better then the last samurai
i loved it. i think keanu reeves is a great actor especially in movies like this. man of tai chi was great also, if u have not seen it i recommend you watch it.
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