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40 Days and 40 Nights 2002

After a brutal break-up, a young man vows to stay celibate during the forty days of Lent, but finds the girl of his dreams and is unable to do anything about it...

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40 Days and 40 Nights is a likeable movie about giving up everything sexual for lent. Josh Hartnett plays Matt, the typical sex-driven young man who decides he needs to change this part of his life if he wants to get over his old girlfriend. He meets Erica along the way, played by A Knight's Tale's Shannyn Sossoman, and finds it even more difficult to keep his vow as the days pass. The movie has a pretty likeable cast but lacks any real comedic moments. You can't really tell if its a romantic comedy or not. The dialouge I did like, but parts of the script I thought seemed a little empty. Overall, 40 Days and 40 Nights is an entertaining date movie that is worth a viewing, even though it doesn't stand out much.
This movie was pretty disgusting. I thought it was lame and VERY sexist. They show woman in tiny little mini-skirts. Most woman DO NOT go to work in that type of clothing! The whole basic plot was very lame. Okay, some guy is still mourning is ex girlfrined, and sleeping around. He thinks sex is making him crazy so he gives it up for 40 days? Then, people bet on when he will "crack", and have sex. Oh, give me a break. 40 days without sex is NOT a big deal. Come on people, it is just 40 days. I hate to think that society is so sex crazed, that 40 days without sex is enough to make a person go crazy. The love plot wasn't very good either. Typical teen comedy.

I'm probably going to go see Ms Congeniality 2 tonight. It is more of a social thing, I'm going with a friend of mine. I'm not really expecting much, but I liked the original, and the second one can't be totally unbearable.
I've watched it in bits and pieces on Comedy Central and I've pretty much seen the whole movie. It's definately no masterpiece, but it's not too shabby. The plot is a good idea in itself. Josh Hartnett (who does a great job) gives up having an orgasm for 40 days (I think for Lent?). His friend finds out and turns it into an online bet for how long he will go. It becomes a big fiasco and Josh Hartnett is suddenly a celebrity in his city.

It was funny when women would bet for a certain day and try to seduce Matt (Hartnett). The girls will get a treat out of Josh running around with an erection. "Everywhere I go, I see tits and bush!" Matt becomes so horny, but... ok, I won't ruin the ending.

If you don't like movies that talk about sex a lot, you won't like this. It's pretty raunchy. But I enjoyed it quite a bit. Better than I expected.
Una nueva pel
Alright, so I'm only gonna rate 5 movies at a time, because I have a list of over about 50 movies to rate. So here we go.

First, House of Flying Daggers, I gave a nine, becuase I just loved the movie. I even like these movies better when they don't speak English and you have to read the subtitles. I just think it makes it feel more real that way. Because you here the actual voices of the actors, and that way you can feel what they feel. Anyway, the stories from this man, (whatever his name is?) are always wonderful, and his imagery and color are spectacular. Now, moving on.

Second, 40 days and 40 nights, I had to give a 5, (if that), the only reason is because it was funny and had "somewhat" of a good story to it. I mean, it is good that he kept from doing those things for that long a time. Thats about it.

Third, Mr. 3000, I also gave a five because it was funny, and it was fun to watch. But of course not one of those movies that you could give a rating of saaaayy over 7 or so.

Fourth, The Longest Yard, I give a 7, I saw this one in the theatre not long ago. I just thought it was very very funny, and very entertaining. Anything with Adam Sander (and his friends that are ALWAYS in his movies), and Chris Rock, has to be funny. If not, then there is something very rong.

And Fifth, Star Wars Episode III, I had to give a 9. A nine, just because it is not my favorite movie ever. Although it could easily rate a 10 in my book. It is definately the best of the 3 that have come out. Everything is revealed, and you get to see things happen that you have been waiting YEARS to see.

Well, thats it for now. Later I will rate some more movies. I'll let these ones sink in and later when I get some time I will rate 5 more that I have on my list of about 5 million.

Best in Show: Josh Hartnett
One for the future: Josh Hartnett
Stand-out scene: Launderette
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

I would have expected much better from the director of Heathers and The Truth About Cats and Dogs, this puerile teen sex comedy outstaying its welcome after the opening credits. Based around the notion that it's a big thing (fnar fnar) for a man to go 40 days without sowing his seed (or indeed spanking his monkey) this stretches its credulity almost from the off. Casting Josh Hartnett as a heartthrob was a no-brainer and his portrayal of new media worker Matt Sullivan, freshly chucked by a girl he believes he's in love with is standard stuff. The break-up coincides with the start of Lent and in a fit of guilt over a string of meaningless sexual encounters he vows to remain celibate for the next 40 days and nights. Unfortunately, this period coincides with him meeting the love of his life (Shannyn Sossaman) and his subsequent battle to keep his vow despite the increasingly more hilarious (only not) attempts by his co-workers to get him to break his promise. Shown as part of ITV1's seemingly themed 'films you wished you'd never sat through' season (which so far has also featured The Guru and Murder by Numbers), I waited for this movie to get better and then the closing credits appeared. Maybe i'm beyond the age when this film can be appreciated, but I found this crass and embarrassing (especially when Hartnett was called upon to pitch his tent in a client meeting). Maggie Gyllenhaal is the only beacon of talent in an otherwise poor cast, Hartnett's reputation as being young, dumb and full of...spirit backed up here. But then again he has made a worse film; Pearl Harbor.
Full review to come.
Today is officially the fourth day of Lent. Thus it's time to watch that rarest of films, the raunchy Lenten sex comedy. This was the only example that came easily to mind, and, for what it is, it's surprisingly watcheable.
After being dumped hard by his girlfriend, Matt (Josh Hartnett) moves from one empty fling to another. When the season of Lent arrives, he is inspired by his brother, a priest in training, to give up sex for the forty day period. His roommate soon spreads the news at the company where they both work and an internet betting pool is set up for how long it will take Matt to crack and give in to his "baser instincts". The very first day of his vow, Matt meets quirky Erica (Shannyn Sossamon) at a laundromat. Though he tries to date her without getting physical, she soon finds the website and is pissed off by his secrecy, not to mention his idiotic vow of celibacy. The plot continues to unfold, with Matt getting twitchier and crazier with each passing day and with his coworkers all trying to make him give in on the day that they've bet on. That's really it for the plot - a guy gives up sex for Lent. Yay and woo hoo.
Yet it is a watcheable film. The supporting cast is interesting, the writing is decent, and, really, the message is pretty damn important. For the Puritans who run this country and insist that abstinence is the only way, this film says "Don't mess with your hypothalamus. It knows best". Matt's final enlightenment is that the need for sexuality is part of being human, and to deny and repress that is just plain stupid.
I don't really care much for Josh Hartnett (he always reminds me of a monkey - I think it's the ears) and the plot is as one-track as a teenage boy's mind. But spending 90 minutes watching a guy break down from not having sex can't be much worse than spending 90 minutes any other way. If only someone had told Matt that Lent consists of the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter not counting Sundays (Don't believe me? Check a calendar...). Eh, I can take a little modification to the Christian year in exchange for movie quasi-reality.
I found it to be funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes stupid, gross, or a bit unrealistic, but overall, a fresh Lenten sex comedy.

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