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I am very tired tonight, but I have to say I am happy with myself. I got to spend a great evening with three of my Best friends from college. With out you guys in my life I am dumb. Thanks for being you. I did a lot today for my project I have due on friday I am excited about it. It is a christmas present to my grandparents. I know they will like it. I also have an English protfolio due friday to, that is booty I think. I also need to say this being my first journal in all thanks to my cousin for gettimg me started on this website. I think it is cool. well I am tired I am going ot bed here in a minute or two. Night for all who reads this.
Now this movie was deep in my mind... it shows what drinking and drugs can do to one and what people go through while in rehab... it showed a strong messege and it made you think... 28 Days might be viewed as a Sandra bullock movie not too much care put in it except to get the movie... which isn't true... it tried it's best to do with what it got... it's hard to get the messege across wehn so many people take drugs and arn't in rehab or don't believe that they do harm....

But in my mind 28 days had a strong messege and therefore is a strong enough movie for me to give it a 6/10... and the acting of sandra bullock was done well...

28 days is defiantly a movie I recommend seeing but dont hate it before you watch it give it a chacne you might like it...
Full review to come.
Best in Show: Sandra Bullock
One for the future: Viggo Mortensen (swoon!)
Stand-out scene: Sober judgement on boyf
Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?:
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Alcoholism - a thorny subject; treated cack-handedly in film and the result is a mawkish mess. Do it right and the results can be edifying. This falls into the latter category and makes a nice change for Sandra Bullock from the bright and breezy romcoms with which she made her name. Whereas in When a Man Loves a Woman, the Meg Ryan character got sympathy points for her sweet daughter and doting husband, here Bullock's Gwen has only a fed-up sister (Mary Louise Parker) as a factor in her favour. She and her equally sozzled boyf (Dominic West) turn her sister's wedding into a disaster and Gwen crashes their wedding car into a house. Given the choice between a jail term or a 28-day spell in rehab, Gwen opts for the latter. Former actress, director Betty Thomas is unafraid to tackle the big issues and side-steps the cloying sentimentalism that marred Girl, Interrupted. There's a comedic undercurrent to the movie that provides an element of comic relief without a belittlement of the subject matter. Viggo Mortensen shines as a baseball star with an addiction to sex, while a disparate group of fellow-addicts in their own way help Gwen come to terms with her own problems. In a role unlike i've seen him in before Steve Buscemi has a straight acting role as Gwen's counsellor. The role is slight but Buscemi weaves his usual magic to quietly excel. A lesson that some films that receive a panning from the critics deserve a viewing.
28 Days is a movie where Sandra Bullock plays an alcoholic. There are parts of this movie that are good (Steve Buscemi), great (Viggo Mortenson) and very bad and awkward (pretty much everything else). It was just okay. The subject matter is okay, it's good that they took the time to seriously deal with it. But when they tried to be funny, they weren't. When they tried to be uplifting, they weren't. And the romantic subplot was weird.

I should add as an addendum: I didn't see this movie before I bought it.
review to come

I thought this was a funny, clever, cute film. Sandra of course was gorgeous and pulled of her character marvelous!
This is the story of Gwen Cummings who is put into rehab after showing up at her sister's wedding drunnk and driving their limo into a house. She must serve out her 28 day in this quooky rehab or serve jail time. We meet a whole bunch of character who Gwen becomes friends with after realizing that she really does need help.
It may seem like another Forces of Nature but it really is a good movie that has a serious tone yet some laughs as well. I might just run out and buy it and add another Sandra movie to my collection.
Underworld Evolution
I like vampite movies. There was quite a bit of back story in this movie, which was cool. I wondered a couple of times if I was watching soft porn during a certain love scene :rolleyes: the great thing was kraven is killed off quickly! wooooo

not as good as I hoped, but it was still a good movie. Jet Li was great.

Cube Zero
call me a weirdo. I watched Cubed 2 and thought "what the fuck?" then I watched Cubed hoping I'd know what the hell was going on and thought "what the fuck?" So when I saw that Cube Zero was out, I thought "maybe this will explain it!" nope, more "what the fuck?"

28 Days
Someone who had gone to rehab told me that if they had seen this movie before going, they never would have gone. :D Funny movie.

American Splendor
Paul Giamatti is an awesome actor.
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