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2 Guns 2013

Two hardened criminals get into trouble with the US border patrol after meeting with a Mexican drug lord, and then revelations starts to unfold...

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Solar rating:7.9


Imdb rating:6.8

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Now this is a good watch, pretty good laughs and nice action. I love how it included so many types of agencies.
Yoooo mr dendelenium and mr walberkarious doing big boy thing with guns, yooo rule bus driven by drunk lapricon, yeahhhh.
Probably one of the most disappointing movie that the great Denzel Washington ever took part in.
A weak 4/10. Tks to linkers.
Eh, it wasn't amazing. Typical story.
The movie was ok, but theres a lot of stuff in this film that doesn't make any sense, I was actually disappointed since it has great actors 5/10.
Yeah, this is a good one.
After so many forced buddy flicks over the years, this one gets the chemistry right. A good story with some decent twists and the cast is just full of talent.
It was a fun watch.
Great movie. Walburg and Denzel play their roles flawlessly with their impeccable chemistry between the two characters. Together they are the most crucial element to keep you entertained and invested into the story (in a good way!). Very Satisfying and funny movie!
Would watch again with a friend.
great movie for the week end :D
gosh darnitt, that was fun!
matt damon isnt in this movie and james franco wasnt in world war z lol
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