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127 Hours 2010

A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive...

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Imdb rating: 7.6

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James Franco was brilliant in this movie, 7/10
I'm afraid I just don't get the style this genius film maker used took what was going to be a good true story and presented it in a way that started stupid and then went to boring. I mean having a camera mounted to the handlebars of his bike this took shaky hand held camera to a new low
Movie started out ok, but by the time it ended, GREAT movie! I actually shed a tear... well my eyes got real watery, I didn't (sniff) actually (sniff) cry (dries eyes with tissue). Seriously, I think it's real easy to say, "If I was in that situation and I had to do that, I mean if I REALLY HAD TO... I'd do it." But it's one of those things that unless you actually came face to face with a scenario like that, words mean nothing, it's your actions that TRULY dictate how far you are willing to go. No one around to look tough to, nobody to prove a point to, just you. This guy, THIS GUY, had the resolution to cut his own arm off, with a dull multi-tool no less!!! I like the way some parts were filmed to give you as much 'feeling' of what was going on at the time, I seriously felt my dinner wanting to come up during some parts... but I couldn't turn away! You know, like when you back away from the screen and turn your head to the side, but you're still looking at the screen out of the corner of your eye? One problem I had with the movie. What was in his mouth? Bothered me a bit. Wasn't enough to put me off, great story, vary good movie. And I did shed a tear at the end. As a whole, loved it.
2nd time i see it and still shocking me 8) Yep, great movie.
Awesome movie. Just watch it, trust me. 10/10
This is a fantastic, yet completely horrifying movie. 9.5/10 loved it
@sona_ami You were hoping for a better ending? This isn't Hollywood, this is a true story...
I was hoping for better ending.
just goes to show you that anything can go wrong at any giving time ... hats off to the guy that endured the ordeal that took desperate measures in order to survive ...
Normally I like James Franco in most of his movies. That being said I tried but I just couldn't finish this movie, there just wasn't enough going on. Good message, bad movie !!
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