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12 Years a Slave 2013

In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery...

Release Date:
November 8, 2013
134 min
Steve McQueen
Michael Fassbender, Deneen Tyler, John McConnell, ...
Drama, History, Biography ...

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Imdb rating: 8.1

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stunning !!!!
really enjoyed it.
This looks like it is well written. Ready to watch. MLK's bday is over, but the past is not forgotten.
Absolutely amazing movie. Watch it if you have not. Definitely deserved the Oscar. LOVED every moment.
Wow... I have been following Chiwetel Ejiofor ever since I saw him in a small Indie film 'Kinky Boots.'... I don't know why I took so long to see this, but I just wasn't ready for the heavy content. I didn't want to feel what I feel right now, I had to kind of force myself to set time aside to watch it...sigh.. I felt sad, enraged, and enlightened as well on this shameful past of our history.

I will be watching out for Lupita Nyong'o as I couldn't take my eyes off her.. OMG!

@crashvelvet- Ditto on your comment.. thanx
Right, i know i'm going to get absolutely slaughtered for saying this but...i didn't love it.

I went in with such high expectations and yes, the majority were fulfilled; the acting was superb, the scenery and story were brilliant and the casting was great but, when it finished i felt that feeling you get sometimes where you feel that there was something missing...
I cry at emotionally charged films, every time, but i didn't find that at all with this film, apart from when Patsy was whipped which really was an awful scene.

I know i'm not the only to feel this as i have been told the same thing on many occasions.

This is a well directed and beautiful film, but for me, it isn't perfect.
@Cubroncs03 All I said was it was slower in parts than it needed to be. Which is true.
I despise this particular time of history of the United States. Great movie!
omg i cried and cried off this the end i had a headache from crying so much. in the scene before they came to get him, when he looked into the camera as if he was asking you for help, i broke down in tears.
Good movie, but in parts it really, really drags when it doesn't need to -practically trying to shove emotion down your throat.
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