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12 Rounds 2009

Detective Danny Fisher discovers his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a ex-con tied to Fisher's past, and he'll have to successfully complete 12 challenges in order to secure her safe release...

Release Date:
March 27, 2009
108 min
Renny Harlin
Gonzalo Menendez, Kyle Russell Clements, Billy Slaughter, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 4.4


Imdb rating: 5.6

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I think John Cena will do good in this movie if not better he is a wonderful actor and a wonderful wrestler, I loved him in "The Marine." :D
From the director of "Die Hard 2" -- Renny Harlin, and Mark Gordon, the producer of "Speed", comes the action film "12 Rounds". The plot of "12 Rounds", starring John Cena, is reminisce of "Die Hard 3." The movie opens with a bit of an "Enemy of the State" vibe. That is the funny thing about this movie, it takes snippets of what worked in other films, and tries to piece them together to make a blockbuster.

A large theme of the movie is avenging lost love. It is hard to sell, because there is no romantic chemistry between John Cena and Ashley Scott, who plays Cena's fianc
gr8 film in all aspect.
For one i really enjoyed this movie.
Yet we have ANOTHER WWE films movie and so far, ALL have failed. 12 Rounds actually looked promising, but man, do not waste your money on going to see this movie. The storyline is eh, solid, but for the acting and some of the scenes, don't waste your time.
The acting, is very bad. Plain and simple. John Cena wasn't great in the Marine but in this movie, he doesn't even improve! If you're going to act Cena, get some lessons.
Also, this movie was the yet "that's too impossible" scenes in, but this time, anyone with any type of sense would see that some scenes are impossible in real life.
Overall, not a good movie, not a good lead actor, and just not good.
Great Movie. ABsolutely Great.
For the first time in three weeks, I was able to go to the new (not discount) theater to catch a flick on opening day. "Monsters Vs. Aliens" did look very intersting, and I considered seeing it, but there was something about the trailer and star of "12 Rounds" that made me pick it before "MVA". And luckily, I was somewhat impressed.

Going in, I thought that I would probably enjoy "12 Rounds", because, I'm one of the only people who liked "The Marine", and I also like John Cena. So, I thought that "12 Rounds" would be a good, leave-your-brain-at-the-door action flick. And my expectations were met. What I didn't expect was interesting characters, stylish direction (thanks in large part to Renny Harlin), and a decent plot.

From the get-go, "12 Rounds" draws you in. It's shot so well, and is made so stylishly that you can't hide from the fact that the film it's very well made. John Cena also does a little better than he did in "The Marine", and really needs one breakout, blockbuster movie role to establish himself as a popular actor in Hollywood.

I think out of all of the films released theatrically by WWE Productions that I've seen, "12 Rounds" is my favorite. I enjoyed "See No Evil", "The Marine", and "The Condemned" as well, but "12 Rounds" doesn't feel like a film surrounding the fact that its main character is played by a professional wrestler. And I think that, added on to the stylishness and great action scenes in the film, is the reason that it's my favorite.

For people wondering "who the hell is John Cena?", he is a popular wrestler on Monday Night Raw, a WWE wrestling show. When I was a little bit younger, and went through a year long wrestling fandom phase, John Cena was my favorite wrestler. I knew that wrestling was fake, but it was very entertaining, and the way that Cena carried himself, along with his charisma made him my favorite. That's mainly why I enjoy seeing him in films. Sure, he's not the best actor around, but he is certainly a likable figure.

"12 Rounds" never slows down an inch. The action never stops, preventing me from refilling my friend and I's popcorn. But this is a good thing. Because it doesn't slow down, it's easy to overlook plot-holes. Another thing going for the film is that it isn't predictable. It's very enteraining. My eyes rarely wandered off the screen once it got going. There are major flaws though, which prevent me from giving it over a 6/10. Most of the film features ridiculous moments set up for action, and a lot of it isn't close to believable. But the film never tries to be more than a mindless popcorn-flick with a load of action. This is a step in the right direction for American action films.

*** out of ****
(Three out of four stars)
I will save you some time, and even some cash by telling you to not even waste your time with this movie. I'm not even sure I would watch this movie again if someone paid me to sit through it. You've been warned. Enough said...
In this movie 12 Rounds it was pretty good. Most of the action was really nice. Part of the script in the 12 rounds were good. But the beging and ending of the movie was not good. I still would say the rating is 8/10.
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