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12 Angry Men 1957

A dissenting juror in a murder trial slowly manages to convince the others that the case is not as obviously clear as it seemed in court...

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Imdb rating:8.9

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Excellent Court Room Type Drama, BUT is unique in that it entirely deals with the inner workings Jury Deliberation. I highly recommend this. I Saw this back in the 1986 in a University class called "Dramatic Literature" and really enjoyed it! I have since seen it at least 10 times. 5 stars! :)
The best juror movie type ever,as we can all see our self in the characters, a masterpiece! an absolute must watch!
It is hard for me to view this movie and not feel the pains of the juror. How one juror saw the case in a particular way (different from those of other jurors) and swayed the olpinion so that others could see that point as well. A must for those wishing to understand and practice negoitation for how you can stand apart from others; yet can convince others of your view and your conviction.
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