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I suppose this one could have been worse, but then again it could also have been better. The story is pretty much a rehash of the past Dalmatians films, live action or animated. Cruella gives chase, almost succeeds, gets humiliated and caught in the end.

Some of the "effects" (animal choreography) is pretty well done and there are some funny scenes. My daughter particularly likes when Cruella is turned into a giant wedding cake.
This was what I call an "ok" movie... Let's just say one of the only things I liked in this movie was the talking parrot... This movie would be ok to watch about every 2-3 years...

I've never understood the idea behind sequels for remakes. Oceans Twelve springs to mind. But it isn't the first time its been done. I recently found out they made a sequel for the live action 101 dalmatians.

Cruella DeVill (Glenn Close) is a new woman. She is now repulsed by the idea of fur, and once released decides to seal up the fur coats. However, her psychiatric treatment while locked up isn't perfect. It seems to be nullified by the bong of Big Ben. So naturally, Cruella is back, and this time, nothing will stop her getting the spots...

From the name of the parent dogs, (i.e. Dipstick) it seems this is a while after the first film. The cool thing about this film (and only good thing) is the Parrot that thinks he's a dog. Waddlesworth (voiced by Eric Idle) is perhaps the films saving grace. A shame really, since Idle is so good.

It just seems too much like the first, but in a different place and a dog house thrown in for good measure. Just seems unoriginal.

To sum up:

+ Waddlesworth is a brilliant character and Idle does him wonders.
- Shame about the rest. Childish remake of a remake in my opinion.

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Here's another film rating.
102 Dalmatians (2000)
Par olo pou, omologoumenos, to sequel afto einai ligotero vareto tou protou, den diatheti tin idia xari kai spirtada. Ta asteia einai ki edo arketa anekdota, alla emfanos pio hodrokommena. Malista, merikes skines einai tromaktikes gia paidia mikroteris ilikias. Gruffand kai Evans adiaforoi, i Close distihos kapos ypervoliki, o Departiue to idio.

It's less boring than the previous one, but the jokes are "cheaper" and not so well-natured. The performances: Gruffand and Evans are sleepy, Close is too evil, Depardieu could be much better.
"The show stopper - a macaw (voiced by an erratic Eric Idle) convinced he is a Rottweiler. Whoever thought this one up clearly wasn't thinking straight."

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