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A nice modern day Taming of the Shrew. Great job!
This was a pretty cute movie. Once I got passed all the way out of style clothes i really liked it. Julia Stiles is one of my faves but i can't say the guy she ended falling for was all that good looking. his accent was fantastic but that hair...
still one of my favs
Cute movie. Definitely not as hilarious as Drop Dead Gorgeous, but still amusing in its own way. Julia Stiles is too freakin' adorable, and I have to admit I even thought Heath Ledger (my sworn enemy) was sexy with that dark hair. Stupid hair dye! *smotes it*
I am throughly tired. I did a 6 page paper, due today, and a 3-page essay all last night. I've ust been so busy and tired. I got like no homework done last weekend. But I am a bit happy. I can now start to take guitar lessons for free at LACC and I get college credit. Plus, with all my birthday money, I can ow afford a lot of cds and plus get some DVDs and still have enough for a guitar. I really want X2, which came out yesterday. I guess I should finsih getting ready for school. I have to be in formal and that's a pain.

song of the day: "From the Inside" Linkin Park
Grease and Sixteen candles combined, with some good directing.
(DVD) (Second Viewing, 1st Junger film)

I know there's a large group of people who despise them, but I really enjoy these films that take a Shakespeare play and plop it down in the middle of a modern American prep school. Though 10 Things I Hate About You is no "O" (2001), it's a fun, frothy and intelligent chick flick/teen comedy hybrid.

At first 10 Things I Hate About You struggles to find a consistent tone- in the first few minutes of the film two of the main characters speak lines of Shakespeare to each other a la Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, but it's the only time it's ever done with the film (besides for several instances where character consiously quote him). The film really starts to pick up when Julia Stiles' rebellious and older sister is introduced, and a plot to get somebody to date her is hatched (her popular younger sister can't date until her older sister does). Heath Ledger, with awful looking scraggly hair, is the rebellious and combative social outsider selected to win Stiles' heart, and ends up falling for her. The situation spins out of control for a while, culminating at a beer party, until all the pieces fall into place just in time for a happy ending.

Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew (of which I know nothing about), 10 Things I Hate About You's literary roots make it a more intelligent, litererate, and ultimately, more elegantly and ingeniously structured than most movies of this type. At the time of its release, Jason Gorden-Levitz (TV's Third Rock From the Sun) would have been the only recognizable face in this young cast, but it is the defiant Julia Stiles who is clearly the standout among all the pretty faces. Heath Ledger sneaks in some nice moments, and the rest of the cast is pleasant, if undistinctive.

A fun movie to watch with friends, 10 Things I Hate About You may not come close to the caliber of the play it was based on, but it makes for enjoyable entertaininment to pass a few hours time.
There's only two words that can describe this film: unbelievably cute. And Heath Ledger is only the icing on the cake. The cast is believable - I'm not an emotional film-goer but Julia Styles' poem type thing was left a lump in my throat. And the look in Heath's eyes... *sigh* I defy anyone not to fall head over hills in love with Heath's charactor - Charming, witty... enough to even make me overlook the leather trousers.
Julia Styles' charactor is clever, if not slightly psychotic, but she has that masked vulnerablity thing down to a T - we can't hate her, and she certainly made me want to understand her better.
That Joey guy was smarmy enough to make us hate him, and Cameron had a distracting eyebrows.
Other than that, cute, feel good romantic comedy... love it!
:fresh: Welp, okay this movie follows a bunch of teenagers. This is a little of a dramatization about high school but not as much as you may think. I'm sure any high school student would be able to pick parts of this movie that are so true. This movie stars a lot of young hollywood actors including Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, and Gabrielle Union. Allison Janey also stars as a guidance counsler working on her romance novel. This movie is full of humor and heartwarming realizations.
I wouldn't define this as a teen comedy. It's better than a teencomedy to be defined as one.
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