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Let me add to the general minority by saying that I really enjoyed this film too ^^ I thought the acting was fine, especially by the male lead. I found this by way of Apocalypto (where people were comparing the two) and it was definitely worth the watch.
You know, what's really sad is Roland Emmerich really believes the fantasy history in his films.
much better then I tough considering the comments, it was a great adventure flick 8/10.
Weak story and sub-par acting. Not sure what they were going for here but it fell flat.
I had actually watched this one last year before I understood how the rating system worked. I liked it myself. Those who do not like this type of movie might not.
@BrickTop Yea Apocalypto Is a great movie & yes very similar to 10.000Bc i love these type of befor our time line type of movies the real deal survivalist :)
I could almost say Apocalypto is close to oldie but goodie :)
@ORGANiCGM We seem to be the minority when it comes to liking this film because I thought it was excellent as well.. It was well directed, had great CGI & had a really good story line so I don't know what the members of iMDB saw that I didn't see to rate it a 5.0 it kinda reminds me of the film Apocalypto (Directed by Mel Gibson) so if you liked this you'll LOVE Apocalypto
I think this was is great entertainment.
8.5/10 Must watch :)
@Misabel13 Im glad i dident smoke whatever your smoking hehe
@Cubroncs03 Im glad i dident smoke whatever your smoking hehe
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