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the original trollface, this movie is hilarious!

a bit of language here in there, but kids here much worse in school and it's part of the character instead of just saying it to say it.

a great film, even for kids.

(over 3 years ago)

Complicated, a bit hard to follow, and confusing, up until the end.

A bit slow for some peoples taste, but a good movie none the less. Not my favorite actor, but the acting was acceptable.

Kind of like a combination of pulp fiction and (name of movie that escapes me - about a kid who is dying and appears as a ghost to whomever can save him (the chick who beat the **** out of him)) with a gritty sense of humor and a deeper level of compassion.

A lengthy, but magnificent tail of intrigue and questions of reality.

Overall, an excellent movie and worth your time. 8.5/10

(over 3 years ago)

Excellent movie!

I've seen it three times, and Loved it!

Good plot and acting! Recommended highly, but might not be appropriate for children.

(over 3 years ago)


That movie really hit the spot! It was an amazing thriller, I will probably have to watch it twice to catch all the little hints, but I was fairly good at guessing what was going to happen.

A stunning tale, and an excellent submission.

(over 3 years ago)
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