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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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Ah, there you are, Flick. So, I see that all of this fuss hasn't kept you silent or in the shadows. You still post and comment and notify with regularity. So, how do you weigh in on those whom think doing the opposite of what you are doing is effective?[/quote] Sorry sweetie, My apologies I didnt notice what the thread this was. I just saw Ubkma's comment and had to say something to him, b/c I love Poking the wittle bear Kevvy. (22 minutes ago) I never could sleep and my audiologist said no shyte YOU hear more then 'any human' I ever met!!! I had two responses: 1. OMG I got an "A" in sumthin 2. Does this mean Ima not human? b/c my parents called me all kinds of names gowin up so no wonder. So "noise pollution" was my enemy "White light sounds" are my friend (1 hour ago) I wear headphones.. so.. lol[/quote] Yes a LIFE without "Ear buds" is no life at all for me!! Down with "Noise Pollution" tee hee (1 hour ago) Yeh it looks really CReEpY!!!!! (1 hour ago) Ah good free at last lol 2 words for ya "Barry Sloane" wooh looks good on the watchlist for sure Thanks lil Flick ^-^ [/quote] me likey this bad boy MILO more.. (2 hours ago)
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