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Dead Weight / Episode 7

The Governor plans his next move as he, Lilly, Tara and Meghan adjust to new surroundings...

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Imdb rating: 7.9

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This show is ridiculous! When I say that I mean ridiculously epic! I wish that the story writer and director of this show would make a movie to revive the zombie genre cause the movies that are about zombies are really bad and are nowhere near as good as the genre used to be.
@wok75 i agree. #1 is darrel. no contest
I agree with dopilus's long winded comment but personally I don't like the govs accent though I can't deny he does play the villian really well
@dustwardprez ... I wholeheartedly disagree man. He was able to bring the infamously psychotic, borderline unbelievable, character that we know to be, "The Governor", to LIFE.
We can see the hateful lunacy in his eyes or that glint of what *once* was a heart. Then being able to see this charismatic, paternal politician of a man...descend into this to morally indefensible, bloodthirsty madman (essentially the polar opposite) convincingly as he does? That is an awesome feat in and of itself; literally awesome.
He's so committed to his portrayal that he even dropped dozens of pounds to emulate the physical state of the character as he would be in the world of The Walking Dead.
If you'd really like to get a sense for his acting chops, and see just how versatile the guy is, check out the Doctor Who Christmas Special; The Next Doctor. Again, he does a phenomenal job at bringing his "version" to life. It's incredible to see.
Obviously I know that's just my standpoint as well. HOWEVER, D'you know (he says, "more often than not")that he actually has people cussing him out/telling him off -- I N. R E A L. L I F E. -- in lieu of photos, autographs, questions, et cetera(?)
I mean, if nothing else, I feel that alone is a testament to the quality & believability of his performance; no? So at the least I'm aware of the fact I'm not alone in regard to my sentiments. He wears the governor mask well. =P
@Enki812 Lmao! You just blew my mind away. I just figured the GOOD actors were on holiday break :)- I mean 2 episodes where the Gov is the lead character?? Kind of strange right?
yeah the gov is a bad character actor. kinda like john travolta as a bad guy. sorry
What the F is this sheet?? The governor show now? C'mon writers!
@Elq ... I like to think that great minds think alike ;) lol
Epic show!

Am not entirely sure what you mean but if you'd like to think so that is ok with me. It wasn't my first comment on the show and probably not my last either. Maybe I did read your comment and it stuck, maybe I came up with it myself since I do have the comics, maybe I read some other critics somewhere else and they stuck. No matter what, the show develops rather interesting and am eager to see the next episode
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