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Internment / Episode 5

Hershel struggles to care for the sick as the situation in the cell block escalates. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl defend the prison as the fences give way...

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Solar rating:9.2


Imdb rating:8.9

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Still best intence episode. And that even though we are at 5.9. has the most emotion, drama and f***ing excitment you can get after traveling so long with these guys! had to watch it again, and yes, A+ for the music from Ben Howard! Love it and hate it. Extremities at there finest!!!!!
They did it again. Really great episode. I kinda knew/ felt at the ending what it was they were going to show (without ginving anything away here) and that was ok..
Man, every episode is like a swift kick to the stomach now. It's starting to blend in with the atmosphere of the comic. This whole season so far has just been -- HEAVY.

You're quite welcome sir! Btw I agree with your statment

Great episode was one of the best this season so far!

I agree though I think they're taking it a little to far first it starts out as basically a zombie apocalypse/survival story. Now it's turning into more of a drama fest which I don't tend to like.
Great episode, I can't wait for next week!
excellent episode good to see that this season is starting to pick up a notch with action
Oooh this episode gave me goosebumps it was so good!
Awesome episode Can't wait for more next week :D
if i was liveing this s... i go fore a fishing boat and start looking fore a olie tanker lol awsome epesiode
YAY, it's up!!! :)
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