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Us / Episode 15

Glenn and Tara are set on the way to Terminus, but Abraham is reluctant. Daryl struggles to adjust to the Claimers' rules...

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Tonight's finale!!!
I really love this show. Can't wait for tonite's episode
this is what i say to my friends. to people like me oe us this would be a new beginning.
zoinx boston anarcho-communism is the way after a disaster. i cant wait
@Elq "Terminus" was the original name of an old railroad town, we now know as, ..Atlanta. It means, "the end" in Latin, which is appropriate for such a city, but, it is* kind of creepy though outside that context.
I don't remember where I heard this one, but it was something like: the second half of this season felt more like a mini-series based on TWD. I'm inclined to agree. Only now are we getting back to a story driven scenario (as opposed to a character driven one).
It's not like a haven't enjoyed it -- which I have. They set it up the wrong way though and had us all expecting very different things (not in a good way). I'm just hoping the finale is a worthy of all the collective tension.
@Darthintrepid totally agree, sorry for that. May I say again I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes? lol. Seriously, the best ones from this part of the season.
Please take the witty quid pro quo to the forum...there are already a couple good discussions about what people consider spoilers.
A place that is called "Terminus" to me resembles something like entering an old house and it says to you when entering, "Go away". That would not be a house I would stay the night is all I am saying
@Trauma65 who knows, but i bet it will be pretty awesome. the one thing this show gets right is giving us a finale that makes us want more for the next year.
It's all gona go to hell next week. I wonder who will save whom? hehe ;)
@Elfkin Thanks Elf, lol.
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