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The Voice 2011

Four famous musicians search for the best voices in America and will mentor these singers to become artists. America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize...

Alan Carter
Sasha Allen, Rick Logan, Oren Waters, ...
Music, Reality-TV, Game-Show ...

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Imdb rating: 6.6


Season 8

Episode 25 Live Semi-Final Performances 20 links
Episode 24 Live Top 6 Eliminations 8 links
May 4, 2015 Episode 23 Live Semifinal Performances 38 links
April 28, 2015 Episode 22 Live Top 8 Eliminations 27 links
April 27, 2015 Episode 21 Live Top 8 Performances 1 link
April 21, 2015 Episode 20 Live Top 10 Elimination 1 link
April 20, 2015 Episode 19 Live Top 10 Performances 9 links
April 14, 2015 Episode 18 Live Top 12 Elimination 30 links
April 13, 2015 Episode 17 Live Top 12 Performances 8 links
April 8, 2015 Episode 16 The Live Playoffs, Results 7 links
April 7, 2015 Episode 15 The Live Playoffs, Night 2 3 links
April 6, 2015 Episode 14 The Live Playoffs, Night 1 3 links
March 31, 2015 Episode 13 The Road to the Live Show 3 links
March 30, 2015 Episode 12 The Knockouts, Part 3 3 links
March 24, 2015 Episode 11 The Knockouts Premiere, Part 2 3 links
March 23, 2015 Episode 10 The Knockouts Premiere 3 links
March 24, 2015 Episode 9 The Knockouts Premiere, Part 2 3 links
March 10, 2015 Episode 7 The Battles Premiere, Part 2 8 links
March 4, 2015 Episode 5 Best of the Blind Auditions 13 links
March 3, 2015 Episode 4 The Blind Auditions, Part 4 17 links
March 2, 2015 Episode 3 The Blind Auditions, Part 3 17 links
February 24, 2015 Episode 2 Blind Auditions Premier, Pt. 2 25 links
February 23, 2015 Episode 1 The Blind Auditions Premier 53 links

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You Are Missing Episodes The Blinds End and THE Battles Begins as Episode 6.The Battle Part 2 is the wrong video that has not been posted and The Battle Part 3 in The Battles Part 2 space plus there is no The Battle Part 3 and 4 Slot. The Top 12 Performances is The Top 12 Performances. The Top 12 performances is missing.The Top 10 Performance and Eliminations have one link that does not work. Top 8 Performances is missing. The First Live Performance should labeled Top 6 Performances. You are also missing Live Semi-Finals Eliminations, Live Final Part 1,and Live Finale Part 2.
@2r4w It doesn't look like it because there are links to tonight's (11/25) episode and it hasn't aired yet.
are Novembers links correct for this season?
Loving it with Gwen and Pharrel as well. Shouldn't there be another posting this week? Monday and Tuesday? More, always wanting more...
Loving the battles more this season for some reason. Excellent talent and great energy. Gwen and Pharrell should stay on as permanent coaches. They fit in perfectly with Adam and Blake.
loving this season!
I have become a fan of this show recently... Any links available from last nights episode?
I really like this show and have watched it since season 1. The coaches seem like they want to help the contestants, the banter between Adam and Blake can be entertaining and unlike other shows like American Idol.
There are no bad auditions and the artists are judged on their voice rather than appearance.
This season Pharrel and Gwen seem like they'll be good coaches.
Lol. Good luck getting anyone to post links to this show. I've had a thread open about it for weeks and not one fu*kin reply to it has been made.
please somebody upload the other episodes 18 and 19. i really like this show, or a web where i can watch it live. thanks
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