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The League 2009

An ensemble comedy that follows a group of old friends in a fantasy football league who care deeply about one another -- so deeply that they use every opportunity to make each other's lives miserable...

Jeff Schaffer, Jackie Marcus Schaffer
Janina Gavankar, Griffin Dunne, Kevin Nealon, ...
Comedy, Sport

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Solar rating:9.5


Imdb rating:8.3

Latest Episode: The Bully (s07e05) October 6, 2015, UTC

Ellie's new sexual education class makes Kevin uncomfortable; Taco starts a program at EBDBBnB called Little Eskimo Brothers

Season 7

October 31, 2015, UTC Episode 13 Episode #7.13 0 links
Episode 12 Episode #7.12 0 links
Episode 11 Episode #7.11 0 links
Episode 10 Episode #7.10 0 links
Episode 9 Episode #7.9 0 links
Episode 8 Episode #7.8 0 links
October 20, 2015, UTC Episode 7 Trophy Kevin 0 links
October 13, 2015, UTC Episode 6 The Beer Mile 0 links
October 6, 2015, UTC Episode 5 The Bully 139 links
September 29, 2015, UTC Episode 4 Deflategate 182 links
September 22, 2015, UTC Episode 3 The Blind Spot 110 links
September 15, 2015, UTC Episode 2 The Draft of Innocence 161 links
September 8, 2015, UTC Episode 1 That Other Draft 142 links

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


@f13avenger I believe you are right
episodes 12 and 13 are switched... either that or they are mislabeled or everyone uploaded the wrong videos to that title... idk either way if you watch the Cinq before the Beach house as it is listed here, you will be watching the last episode first... Cheers.. F13 out
@vmf5018 Thank you
Disregard that, it's mislabeled.
Where is the 4th episode?
Sorry, episode 4?
Is is this week's episode (S06 E07) missing for anyone else?
I personally can't stand watching sports but the jokes and shenanigans these guys get into make this show great.
Links for Season 5 are back up. Just watched E3 and about to watch E4. Thanks, Mods, Admin and linkers.
It was a really good first episode. Funny as usual. The linkers will have the episode up asap. A little trouble with adding links no I believe. They will be on top of the problem I'm sure.
@russ035 We have not been able to ADD new things like SEASONS for quite some time. Here is Schedule. Id put links on thread in forum for you but now it is down as well.
Season 5:
S5, Ep1|Sep. 4, 2013|The Bachelor Draft
S5, Ep2|Sep. 11, 2013|The Von Nowzick Wedding
S5, Ep3|Sep. 18, 2013|Chalupa vs. The Cutlet
S5, Ep4|Sep. 25, 2013|Rafi and Dirty Randy
S5, Ep5|Oct. 2, 2013|The Bye Week
Can't wait for this tonight!! Really funny
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