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The Prince / Episode 10

Micheletto returns to Cesare briefly to help him destroy the walls of Forli and capture Caterina Sforza and later recruit her assassin Rufio...

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Imdb rating: 8.3

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What a finale. It will be a pity if there is no season 4. :-(
wow i really liked this show, but cancelled, they also won't be doing the movie too, that was scrapped off as well
what a bummer
@movie_junkie yes, u r correct
The Borgias TV show Network:( Showtime)
Episodes: (29 hour)
Seasons: (Three)
TV show dates: (April 3, 2011 – June 16, 2013)
Series status: (Cancelled)
UPDATE: (The Borgias may wrap with a movie instead of season four.)
Sorry to give you bad news but they cancelled The Borgias. I heard rumors they might do a 2-3 hour movie or something like that to sum up the series. Not sure about that but i know there won't be a season 4. I do believe this past season didn't do well with ratings.
what an awesome season finale cant wait for next season this show rocks big thumbs up
The Prince – Season 3 finale.
Cesare vows that Lucrezia will now be his for good.
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