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The Borgias 2011

The saga of a crime family in 1492 Italy...

Neil Jordan, Kari Skogland, John Maybury, ...
Noah Taylor, Steven Berkoff, Bosco Hogan, ...
Drama, History, Crime ...
Ireland, Canada, Hungary

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 8

Latest Episode: The Prince (s03e10) June 16, 2013

Micheletto returns to Cesare briefly to help him destroy the walls of Forli and capture Caterina Sforza and later recruit her assassin Rufio

Season 3

June 16, 2013 Episode 10 The Prince 16 links
June 9, 2013 Episode 9 The Gunpowder Plot 12 links
June 2, 2013 Episode 8 Tears of Blood 12 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 7 Lucrezia's Gambit 11 links
May 19, 2013 Episode 6 Relics 17 links
May 12, 2013 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lamb 13 links
May 5, 2013 Episode 4 The Banquet of Chestnuts 23 links
April 28, 2013 Episode 3 Siblings 13 links
April 21, 2013 Episode 2 The Purge 17 links
April 14, 2013 Episode 1 The Face of Death 19 links

Season 2

Season 1


great series.... sad no more
Really don't know. I haven't seen any updates on the creator's announcement as of June 5th. I haven't even seen anything other than his desire to wrap it up with a two hour movie, rather than another 10 episodes, because it "is really fatiguing"...He's the one who had envisioned the 4 season story arc, and now he's tired of doing it. Season 3 picked up viewers, so I wouldn't be surprised if Showtime holds him to his contract.
wasn't there "supposed" to be a two hour finally? Ended kinda weird.. But I did really enjoy the series.. "The Tudors" is cool as well.
The last 3 episodes are some of the most that TV has to offer. What brilliant writing and acting.
How did I miss this little gem. Enjoyed series 1 and 2. season 3 looks good. I hear they may do a movie to end the series. I hope this is so.
Sorry but Series just ended Season 3 Ep 10. :(
Well, hell...I got so distracted, I didn't realize there was a season 3.
looks like there won't be a season 4. Looks as if they will do a 2 hr movie to close the series.

hm should i give this show a try? I think I might later on :D

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