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Episode #4.4 / Episode 4

Leatherby takes Kamali's daughter, Ester, hostage. Section 20 attempts a brazen rescue mission to get her back. Dalton tortures and interrogates Sofia for information. The escape ruse that Kamali and Dalton use has surprising consequences...

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 8.7



ALL these links for this season don't work!! Grrrr..... @Flicker2013
Very entertaining show finally up to season 4. Like how they use
different firearms depending on the situation allot of shows movies
don't do this. Finally injuries that the actors carry through episodes.
Great how cast members die and are replaced, keeps things on edge.

*comment was too short
I was a little late getting to this episode. But Oh. My. Fkn. Godd!!!!! I even scared the dog with my excited utterance :\

And to dearest @Hasaan_Zia and @pastman. I don't mind being muted for 24 hours posting this, cause frankly, you 2 are morons! Flickers post was nothing more than an episode summary that would more than likely appear at IMDB and in every TV program that lists this show. Get over yourselves or better still, if you think you can do better then get your lazy asses outa your mummas basement and upload some links. If you can't be bothered doing that, then just say THANK YOU LINKERS and move on. Flickers right thumb is worth more than you 2 put together!
thanks movie junkie! I thought it was awesome too :P
Lmfao! You being obvious about down voting me was hilarious, also when flicker mentioned a name it was as an example of what can't be used. To be completely honest, if you are on this episode no one is spoiling anything for you considering you are caught up. BUT if someone is naive enough to come here when they are in the first season, then that's their fault for reading something someone posted. No where did Flicker post any details that would lead to assumptions. It is the same thing IMDb posts, and the same thing that showcase posts on their website.

So therefore Flicker HAS NOT violated anything. You whining constantly is actually a violation of solars rules. This place is for show reviews and show comments. This is not a place for you to whine about the people who post the links YOU watch!
what is this high school??wow. Listen, people are stupid on here all the time and vote Flicker down also a lot when its not called for. so if that's whats going on with you, oh well. not every1 is nice on this site(even tho most are, we all know who you are. the usual solar people that have been here as long as I have) but even tho im breaking the rules here lets just keep this area for comments about the show.
Now about the show, Strike Back has been really good this season. as well as seasons in the past. if you haven't watched this yet, give it a try. I give it a 8/10. better shows out there but this ones pretty darn good.
I love your profile pic BTW...
You wanna know why people vote you down, and not Flicker. You whine like a 3 year old boy who just got is fire truck taken away. You aren't reflected by the thumbs down on your comments, it doesn't affect your personal life of getting a bf/gf. So why cry about it. Flicker posted the actual episode info, not a synopsis of everything that happened in said episode. If you were to click the ifo button on your tv while watching the exact same episode you would get the exact same information. So cry me another river, so I can build you another bridge to get over it :D
at 38, rhona's holdin' up well, yeah??.. "who is dalton?/you ruined my viewing" - hahaha - put a lid on it.
A ("non spoiler") to one may equal an ("extreme spoiler") to another. But....
Section 20 in every single episode attempts (some) rescue?
Section 20 in every single episode tries to get someone to be their ally?
In Every episode that (Dalton appears in)
(She is close to the edge)?
So I reported nothing new to anyone who watches this show?
Nor would what I stated cause anyone watching Episode 1 season 1 to think I was doing any spoilers.
Dalton wasn't in Season 1, and the moment she arrived in her first Episode she has been (on the edge) it is who she is always. Nothing new here. but you did this before, and I am sure you will do it again... But It is up to a Mod (report it).I say it is no is however common knowledge and common sense. Cheers...
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