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A Mother's Work / Episode 13

Jax has to handle some unhappy customers as the weapon deal goes through Mike's organization. Meanwhile, Tara finds a way to avoid jail without giving up the MC...

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goddammit gemma you psycho b***h
What The... I did not see that, glad I waited to catch up till now, I would had died waiting till season 7... what and ending
@Coyotebleu (Sad Face) Thanks alot 4 talking me into re-watching this. Wow! I totally forgot! Cant wait til tonight to see what happens next. Cheers...
Maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn........that was a sad ending im goig to miss this show after season 7
Man this season was intense. The previous 2 seasons I thought were kind of meh, but man this season was really good.
I really wish they would stick around longer than 7 seasons from what I hear the 7 season which starts in the fall, will be the last season.
That's how you finish a season! Whew. That is rough.
HOLY @&#$!
loved this episode but the end was to brutal for my taste ;(
♥ breaker..karma at work.
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