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Aon Rud Persanta / Episode 11

Tension mounts as the club makes a bold move to finally get out of guns...

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Imdb rating: 9.1

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WOW had no idea so much was gonna go down this ep
Bahahahahahaha I have a season 6 prediction... But I'llllll neverrrrrrr tellllllllll
What to do Miss Tara..what to do..can you believe Jax or nay.. the boy just ain't the same man you married. Picking up the pieces time..and there are lot's of them around..will tie up the last 3 episodes.

Let's see where the yellow brick road takes these bikes.
finally an episode worth watching
That episode was wicked.
Amazing, awesome, epic episode!!

I'll just say...."Finally!!!!!"
This is going to be epic !!!
This is going to be a great episode..
All the pieces are in place now, next three episodes are going to be a rollercoaster ride with unexpected turns of events. I hope Ron Perlman's character lives to see another season and i hope Juice doesn't do anything stupid that gets him killed.
I missed this episode the other night. Can't wait to see it..
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