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Smallville 2001

A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to harness his alien powers for good and deals with the typical troubles of teenage life in Smallville...

James Marshall, Greg Beeman, Mike Rohl, ...
Cameron Bancroft, Ted Whittall, G. Patrick Currie, ...
Drama, Romance, Adventure, ...
USA, Canada

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Solar rating: 9.2


Imdb rating: 7.5

Latest Episode: Finale (s10e21) May 13, 2011

In Smallville's two-part series finale, Clark and Lois are getting ready for their wedding but not before Lois gets her "superhero's wife" cold feet. Meanwhile Oliver - secretly taken over

Season 10

May 13, 2011 Episode 21 Finale 12 links
May 6, 2011 Episode 20 Prophecy 11 links
April 29, 2011 Episode 19 Dominion 12 links
April 22, 2011 Episode 18 Booster 14 links
April 15, 2011 Episode 17 Kent 12 links
March 4, 2011 Episode 16 Scion 11 links
February 25, 2011 Episode 15 Fortune 12 links
February 18, 2011 Episode 14 Masquerade 12 links
February 11, 2011 Episode 13 Beacon 13 links
February 4, 2011 Episode 12 Collateral 12 links
December 10, 2010 Episode 11 Icarus 12 links
December 3, 2010 Episode 10 Luthor 12 links
November 19, 2010 Episode 9 Patriot 13 links
November 12, 2010 Episode 8 Abandoned 11 links
November 5, 2010 Episode 7 Ambush 12 links
October 29, 2010 Episode 6 Harvest 13 links
October 22, 2010 Episode 5 Isis 12 links
October 15, 2010 Episode 4 Homecoming 12 links
October 8, 2010 Episode 3 Supergirl 11 links
October 1, 2010 Episode 2 Shield 13 links
September 24, 2010 Episode 1 Lazarus 12 links

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Agreed Tom rocked this role perfectly and easily could have continued with the Justice League. TBH all the actors I felt did a superb job. Still 1 of my favorite if not the my top series of all time.
I wish the last episode of season 10 was better, because it turned out pretty awful in my opinion.
I wish the ending was better.
Loved the show back in the day - still love it now...but was actually really disappointed by the finale...
@husseinali16 @husseinali16 haha srry, lil hussein:P
@GreekGuy wish he got her too
CHloe I meant LOL sham on me!!
Probably the best series to ever be cast on television. The entire cast is Beautiful, all the girls are gorgeous, almost all the guys are GQ's, and its superman's teenage years while he's developing his powers. Really an Amazing series, Gotham doesn't even hold a candle. I will truly miss this series. Only sour note, I wish Clark got with Claire, I absolutely adored her!
@CaptainHolland why did u had to spoil everything I was on season 3?
I was just waiting on his new profound power#!
I just finished watching the season 10 finale of Smallville. I spent the last couple of months basically zipping through it in catch-up mode like I have in the past for Star Trek DS9, Supernatural and other TV shows. As far as the overall series goes, I was extremely happy. Like DS9, the last 3-4 seasons were nothing short of outstanding, with government agencies hunting down superheroes, evil villains from distant parts of the galaxy wreaking havoc on Earth, alternate realities with even more evil Luthors lurking about, etc... It was prime entertainment, and as I approached the end of the final season, I found myself genuinely regretting that it was coming to an end.

Then I watched the two-part finale, and I couldn't believe my eyes. They absolutely butchered the end, with a half-@ssed closure of the big inhuman evil (The Darkside) plot, characters on both sides of the line with major unresolved story lines and more. They spent at least 20 minutes in three separate "character musings," where all they did was show flashbacks, seemingly random, from previous episodes.

The ending was soooo bad that it almost wiped out the enjoyment I'd taken away from the first 200+ episodes. When the final credits rolled, I wanted to throw something at my screen, sue the CW network and write a really nasty letter to the editor of The Daily Planet.

Disappointment...thy name is Smallville.
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