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Saving Hope 2012

A supernatural medical drama that centers around the lives of the doctors and nurses of Hope Zion Hospital...

David Wellington, John Fawcett, Kelly Makin, ...
Matt Baram, Ron Lea, Wendy Crewson, ...
Drama, Fantasy

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 7.3

Latest Episode: All the Pretty Horses (s03e18) February 18, 2015

Season 4

Season 3

February 18, 2015 Episode 18 All the Pretty Horses 62 links
February 11, 2015 Episode 17 Fearless 84 links
February 4, 2015 Episode 16 A Simple Plan 102 links
January 28, 2015 Episode 15 Remains of the Day 95 links
January 21, 2015 Episode 14 Trading Places 89 links
January 14, 2015 Episode 13 Narrow Margin 76 links
January 7, 2015 Episode 12 Hearts of Glass 97 links
January 7, 2015 Episode 11 The Parent Trap 106 links
December 17, 2014 Episode 10 Days of Heaven 65 links
December 10, 2014 Episode 9 The Other Side of Midnight 88 links
December 3, 2014 Episode 8 The Heartbreak Kid 115 links
November 26, 2014 Episode 7 The Way We Were 55 links
October 23, 2014 Episode 6 Joel 2:31 32 links
October 16, 2014 Episode 5 Breaking Away 52 links
October 9, 2014 Episode 4 Stand by Me 67 links
October 2, 2014 Episode 3 Awakenings 71 links
September 25, 2014 Episode 2 Kiss Me Goodbye 59 links
September 22, 2014 Episode 1 Heaven Can Wait 96 links

Season 2

Season 1


November 26 cannot come fast enough! Miss my show!!
When does episode 7 air?? what's going on? ;-(
Miss my Saving Hope!!
After having watched two full seasons and now starting on the third, I can say for sure, that this show is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it so much!
This is the kind of show that just sucks you in, I mean the characters and the stories, as well as the supernatural aspect in it, which I think makes this show different and more interesting.
I totally recommend watching it! :-)
season 3....yay...
Ok Lois Lane from Smallville and Elijah from TVD... oh man... it kind of sucks when you have a hard time detaching someone from their role in another tv series- arghhh, hahaha. Anyway, this seems like a show I would definitely like and I am happy that there are two seasons for me to enjoy :-)
Great series!! Really enjoyed it. Its always bitter sweet catching up to the last available episode.
Just saw on CTV website that they have ordered season 3!!! Looks like the show starts back up tomorrow.
@hungry4movies its back on
is there any hope for this show???
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